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Why write 30 articles in 30 days?

Being able to easily write 300- to 1000-word articles puts you at the top of the heap and helps make sure you are top of mind for those you want to reach and inform. Some of the many positive outcomes of writing lots of short articles easily and quickly include:

  • Increasing visibility and awareness of your work.
  • Upgrading your standing.
  • Helping others find you more easily and quickly when they search.
  • Positioning you as an expert in your field.
  • Assisting you in finding collaborators for your projects.
  • Networking, e.g., informing and alerting funders, stakeholders, students, and others about the value and impact of your work.
  • Teaching others what you know and may have learned the hard way, thereby saving them time, money, and pain.
  • Leaving a legacy.
  • Transferring knowledge from your head and heart to others.
The 30 Articles in Just 30 Days Self-paced, Self-study Program gives you the structure and instruction to be able to write 300- to 1000-word articles easily and quickly.  You can drop the stress and anxiety and instead find yourself writing regularly – and very possibly – even enjoying it!

Who is the 30 Articles Self-paced, Self-study Program for?

  1. Entrepreneurs, educators, non-profit leaders, service providers, parents, professors, hobbyists, speakers, salespeople, researchers, and others.
  2. Those folks who have previously written a great deal and those who have not.
  3. People with at least a modicum of self-discipline.
  4. Smart professionals with goals that will be at least partially met by writing.
  5. Individuals who recognize that Meggin can’t just come over to their house for one-to-one instruction and coaching but wanted the next best thing.
Rock-solid content modules (both audio and printed materials) to lead you step by step through the process that has previously only been available to those attending Meggin’s real-time workshops. Examples of the modules included in this program:

  • Let’s Get Started! A Success Overview
  • Why Write Articles?
  • How to Get Lots of Writing Done
  • 4 Questions to Energize Your Brain
  • Working with “The 30s”
  • Run the Numbers So You Know How Much Time You Need
  • Keeping Your Brain Straight (vs. Muddled)
  • Separating Composing & Editing
  • Gremlins, Resistance, & Limiting Beliefs
  • Working with “The Fives”
  • Progressing from 30s to 5s to Articles to ___
  • What’s in Your Content Inventory?
  • Writing in Your Third Place
  • “FRAME” It – A Structure to Prompt & Organize Your Thinking
  • Setting Policies to Protect Your Writing Time, Energy, & Attention
  • And more, of course, including additional bonus modules and materials to support your progress!
  • Here is the Table of Contents if you are interested in how the program is laid out.

About the 30 Articles in Just 30 Days Creator and Facilitator, Meggin McIntosh

Meggin McIntosh, PhD

Meggin McIntosh, PhD, known as “The PhD of Productivity®,” was a teacher, graduate student, university professor, and is now a business owner. Meggin says,

“Throughout my career, it’s been important for me to write and share knowledge and experiences with an audience around the globe. As a professor, I wrote scores of articles for refereed journals, several books and book chapters, as well as the other academic writing expected of someone moving from assistant to associate to full professor.

Once I started my own business, the writing focus changed. Weekly, it’s important for me to write for clients, workshop attendees, as well as short pieces for various blogs. Given the versatility and reach of the internet, one way I’m now able to create and share content is via short (500 – 1500+ word) articles. This current collection of writing includes well over 800 articles at this point, which have subsequently been re-published throughout cyberspace.

This has resulted in being able to serve people in myriad ways and also connecting with a multitude of folks for workshops, teleseminars, and other working relationships.”

To learn more about Meggin and her work, just explore this website – or peruse her curriculum vitae (for a really fun read…).

Are you a professor? Do you want to know if this class is for you?

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“The desire to write grows with writing.” ~Desiderius Erasmus

What people say about learning from Meggin:

“Yes! I would recommend the 30 Articles in Just 30 Days Self-paced, Self-study program. It is so useful and lets you go at your own pace, which is perfect. It helps you become motivated and stay on track. I’ve gotten a lot of writing done, and have revisited pieces I started and abandoned. Or, I’ve pulled from lots of different places. I feel more productive and efficient. :)” ~Tracey Hodges, Hattiesburg, MS

“Meggin, I felt your genuine commitment to be of service in helping to encourage and develop me as a writer.” ~Netrisa Dockery

“In a word? Refreshing. Precise. Gratifying. Actionable. Life-Changing. Okay, obviously there’s no way to describe it in one word. Some of the information may not be new, but the way she presents it makes all the difference in whether or not it gets through. The difference between Meggin’s and other workshops I’ve attended is that, when I complete her workshops, I don’t walk away and forget it. Her language is in my mind when I leave, and it motivates me to actually DO the things she suggested.” ~Stephanie Stripling, SC

“I like the natural way that Meggin introduces the ideas that really helps my writer’s block symptoms, and they work. I wasn’t expecting to find so much inspiration for writing about stuff in my life through her exercises, but I did, and it has opened up my ability to communicate again.” ~Joanne Lau

“The class gave me ‘hope.’” ~Kimberly Smerkers, PhD

“I would like to say that I am starting to think of myself as a writer for the first time in many years.” ~Faculty member who prefers anonymity

“Meggin’s style is warm, friendly, approachable. I like it; that style works very well for me. The materials are deceptively simple; I think it’s because they are ‘elegant’—they convey maximum information with simple, clear metaphors or words.” ~Genie Canales

“Thanks for a great program. I did the live, on-the-phone version once but have not been able to come up with a 4-hour block of time for a repeat session. Now I can keep going back to the self-study version whenever I need to. I find that the exercises really reduce my anxiety level about writing and help me get started.” ~Susan Webb

“Thank you for sending the materials for the self-study package. I did the course and was delighted. I even wrote an article for based on the class work. I work in an academic setting, but am trying to expand my Policy Center’s reach to practitioners and interested citizens and students by increasing my writing in non-peer reviewed journals. We publish white papers at the Center on applied policy questions and I am now experimenting with short, informational articles as well. Thanks again for the help. I look forward to putting all that good advice to work.” ~Stephanie Witt