You have many options for connecting with Meggin and her merry band of learners. If you want to work more joyfully, peacefully, and productively, here are some options for you.

Q&A: What to Charge? Pricing Policies & Practices

Know What to Charge

Fast-paced, actionable advice for consulting, workshops, lessons, classes, or other service-based offerings. Expect to take a LOT of notes as you listen to and learn from this practical content. Get clarity on who you are and what you offer and how to set and maintain the boundaries that will let you do your best work.

Open notebook on workspace with the words "Planner Retreats" in the notebook

Focused Calendaring

Geek out on planners and calendars and work on getting things set up for the next quarter during this live virtual retreat. Meggin – along with other planner souls – will be there sharing ideas and energy as they think about the upcoming quarter and get their calendars/planners set up.

What Do You Need to Leave Behind?

Take an authentic look at your “stuff” in this class and step more lightly and move more nimbly. Having less “stuff” to schlep around gives you more freedom. Life is easier.

Workspace Hostility

Hostility is rooted in something that happened in the past – often many years ago. If you think you might have some anger that has gone past its expiration date and would be appropriately labeled as hostility, this unique experience will give you ways to recover energy you may not have known was missing.

Declutter & Destress for Academics

If you are stressed and ready to reduce your stress (NOW!), then you are going to love the ideas presented in this straightforward and practical webinar. You’ll learn a dozen specific strategies to start reducing your stress by dealing deliberately with your clutter. Expect to be inspired to take action on what you learn.

What’s Balanced for You?

You know when things are out of whack. You know the feeling when there is too much (too much work, too many demands, an overabundance of responsibilities). And you know how it feels to have too little. Let’s spend a session together applying the Goldilocks Strategy so you can authentically, truthfully, and courageously establish an academic life that is “just right.”

Policies for Academics

Policies are strategically crafted statements that establish boundaries for your time, energy, and attention, which are your most precious assets as an academic. If your attention and focus feel fractured, and if you feel overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time, then let’s help you craft some policies. This class will teach you concepts that will carry you through the rest of your career.

Focus & Efficiency

You probably hear people say, “I really need to focus.” But have you ever heard someone say, “I want to be able to ruthlessly focus and be aggressively efficient!”? Did you even know this was an option? It is! In this focused and efficient webinar, you will learn super specific tactics for setting yourself up to focus ruthlessly when you need to and be aggressively efficient when that’s called for.

Mindset Change

You change from one day to the next. And, most academics make at least one significant change during their career – and likely more. In this class we will talk about the physical, mental, and emotional baggage that you may still be carrying around from a previous part of your life. 


In this class we will look at the specifics of what it means to delegate in the academic environment. You will examine some of your mindsets and some of your practices to see what can be adjusted so you can do some academic decluttering of your tasks, projects, responsibilities, and commitments by using the delegation ideas you’ll learn in the class. 

Decision Making

You will explore the tangle of undecided, unsettled, and unsolved situations in your academic life. This tangle of dissonance, discrepancy, and discord drain time, energy, and attention that could well be invested in other places. You will learn where to look, how to find, and what to do to bring resolution and peace to areas that have been “bugging you” on some level. As always, let’s get together for some truth-telling.

Class Series for Academics

Academic clutter includes those things that constrain or otherwise impede your growth, such as physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual detritus. However, be very clear that academic clutter is about so much more than the “stuff” you have physically or virtually lying around. It’s time to shed the s**t you’re schlepping around.

Planning with Integrity

The concepts in this practical and focused 3-part video series are designed to help you make promises and stay in integrity as you keep those promises! You’ll learn how to apply the Available-to-Promise (ATP) concept to your current calendar, various to-do lists, and overall life scheme.

Live Classes to Inspire Joyful Work

Flash Classes are a series of live classes that pop up from time to time – which you may join for free! Click here to see what this series is all about!

Project Planning

Do you have 1 or 10 or 100 projects that are unfinished – and you REALLY wish they were complete? Does looking at your to-do list make you feel overwhelmed and maybe even despondent? If you apply what you learn in this class, you will get clear on what your projects are; be able to ask for (and receive) help, assistance, and support on your projects; and finish your projects… even those that have been “lingering” for weeks, months, or years.

Grace, Space, & Pace

In this friendly and focused webinar, taught by someone who has spent over 25 years teaching and learning about planners, you will learn how to: visualize and manipulate your monthly calendar like a storyboard; protect your time, energy, and attention so that you feel ‘just whelmed’ instead of overwhelmed; set up your weekly planner (calendar and to-do list) so that it feels open and inviting instead of constrained and oppressive; and more, of course!

Getting Your Writing Done

The requirements and expectations of your professional and personal life can easily squeeze out the time and energy you need to write. When you access this webinar you will learn a dozen strategies to increase writing productivity by getting organized as an academic. These include mindset shifts, actions to take immediately, and practices to adapt to fit your work style. All 12 strategies are designed for quick implementation with noticeable results.

Protect Your Time & Attention

How about some practical strategies and mindsets to protect your most precious resources, i.e., time, energy, and attention for those people and projects that matter?! Join us to learn specific ways to integrate a metaphor and a method to help you organize and calendar your commitments while also preserving and strengthening your integrity.


The 30 Articles in Just 30 Days Self-paced, Self-study Program gives you the structure and instruction to be able to write 300- to 1000-word articles easily and quickly. You can drop the stress and anxiety and instead find yourself writing regularly – and very possibly – even enjoying it!


If you would like to learn ways to market so it matters, thereby increasing your impact (whether that means students in your classes, people buying your books, professionals hiring you for your services, or any other endeavor in which you’re involved) then you need to access this special webinar!


The briskly-paced class offers no-cost and low-cost strategies that will serve to bring you more of the people you want in your programs (that is, if you implement the ideas!) If you have an MBA, then you may have a sense of how to create and implement an effective marketing plan. If you don’t have an MBA (&/or if you have never actually marketed a service or product), then this workshop will give you the tools to get started.

Clarifying Boundaries/Setting Policies

Policies are strategically crafted statements used to establish boundaries for your time, energy, and attention (your most precious assets). In this strategic & practical class, you’ll learn why policies are better than “rules,” when it’s time to conceptualize and craft a policy for yourself, and more. Access this focused and strategic webinar that will change the way you view and protect your boundaries.

Email Productivity

If email disrupts your peaceful productivity, it is time to do something about that! The cost of lost focus, responsiveness, and peace of mind is rarely addressed, but we are going to change that in this content-rich, practical, and fun web-based workshop. 

Indentify & Strategically Capitalize on Your Own Productivity Hot Spots

Personal & Professional Productivity

Identify the “hot spots” where you have the potential to be optimally productive and capitalize on getting things done that are of the most benefit to you – both personally and professionally.

Strategic Planning for Projects & Life

Do you have any “obstacle illusions” that are preventing you from pursuing your goals or from proceeding on your projects? Then you will want to learn and apply Meggin’s Obstacle Illusions Signature System right away.


If your calendar seems much too full for a quick class, then may I suggest you sign up for the first stand-alone webcast in the academic decluttering series. We will get to the learning, the actions, and the mindsets about your calendar quickly. You will receive actionable suggestions to get you out of calendar chaos today.