You have many options for connecting with Meggin and her merry band of learners. If you want to work more joyfully, peacefully, and productively, here are some options for you.

30 Articles in Just 30 Days Ack! My Dissertation Feels Like a Bloated Elephant Antioxidants for Your Toxic Work Environment Available To Promise Creating Grace, Space and Pace with Your Own ‘Just Whelmed’ Calendar Deputize…then Delegate Drop the Curtain on Drama Learn to Use Paper Tiger System to File & Find Your Stuff Create Your Curriculum Vitae Hunks, Chunks & Bites (How to Get Your Projects Planned) Identify and Capitalize on Your Own Productivity ‘Hot Spots’ If You Do Nothing Else This Semester Making a Break for It! Managing Classroom Energy - Happily Managing Multiple Responsibilities Marketing that Matters: Lessons from a Puffin Marketing What Matters: Strategic & Straightforward Ways to Get the Word Out About Who You Are, What You Do, & Why It Matters Networking for Introverts Obstacle Illusions - Are You Delusional? Proficient & Productive Use of Mindmapping - Open Your Mind! Pick a Card Plan to Write! Planning Your Next Quarter Finish Your Unfinished Business Setting Personal & Professional Policies Seven Sane and Sensible Email Practices So, What Does Meggin Use to Manage Projects? Strategies and Mindsets to Protect Your Time, Energy, & Attention in an Exacting Way Strategies for When You are Seriously and Scarily Behind

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