Mind Sweep Self-paced, Self-study Program for Productive People

You care about making a difference. To make the biggest difference – with the least amount of stress – you want your mind as clear as it can be at any given time. When it is, you can focus on:

  • the right people,
  • the right projects, and
  • the right paths.

The “Mind Sweep Self-paced, Self-study Program for Productive People” is designed to guide you step-by-step through a process that will clear your mind, reduce the clutter in your brain, and lessen your tendency to procrastinate. 🙂

After people were inspired through Meggin’s workshops, webinars, and writings, people asked her to set up the “mind sweep” experience so it was available in a positive package that they could review and work with at their own pace. And here it is!  You are now able to access 15 modules, each of which includes a mini-workshop with Meggin and a set of materials.

Clear Your Mind to Focus on the Right People, the Right Projects, and the Right Paths at Any Given Time

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Take a peek at the entire Table of Contents hereRock-solid content modules (both audio and printed materials) to lead you step by step through the process that has previously only been available to those attending Meggin’s real-time workshops. Examples of the modules included in this program:

  • Introduction & Overview
  • Tools You Can Use
  • Why Sweep?
  • Getting Your Sweep Started
  • Mindsets to Support Your Sweep (multiple sets of materials)
  • Specific Prompts for Sweeping (multiple sets for you!)
  • Organizing Your Materials – Cover & Spine Label
  • PowerPoint Template
  • And more, of course, including additional bonus modules and materials to support your progress!
  • Here is the Table of Contents if you are interested in how the program is laid out.

Does this sound like just the program you need to Clear Your Mind to Focus on the Right People, the Right Projects, and the Right Paths at Any Given Time – but concerned you don’t have the time or budget to commit to the full program?  Well then, good news! – there is a Mini-course for you! Access the first five modules of the program in the Mind Sweep Self-paced, Self-study Program Mini-course! (Take a peek at the Table of Contents above to learn more about the modules.) This Mini-course will give you a rock solid start to clear your mind, reduce the clutter in your brain, and lessen your tendency to procrastinate. I encourage you to take this step forward! 

meggin_oval_feathered_3 croppedAbout the Facilitator

Meggin McIntosh is known as “The PhD of Productivity®” and is a former teacher, university professor, and Founding Director of her university’s Excellence in Teaching Program. She is currently (and happily) the president of Emphasis on Excellence, Inc. and says,

“You will be amazed at how much calmer and more in control you feel after you participate in the Mind Sweep Self-paced, Self-study Program. Your brain wants to help you solve problems, make decisions, think strategically, be creative, and build relationships! It will be much more able to support you in your work and personal life if you give your mind a clean sweep!

Join us and see what a difference it makes for you. You will laugh and learn and be ready with a plan by the end of your time in this self-paced program. I promise that you will be thankful you decided to participate. I hear that all the time from folks who have been part of the cleansing sweeping experience.”

“I LOVED that I could do it when it worked for me – and I could stop working on it and go back to it when it worked for me. The only thing I had to be careful of was making sure I minimized and blocked interruptions to this time!” ~Christi Cakiroglu, Reno, NV

“This self-paced version is incredibly valuable for anyone but especially folks who have to juggle a ton of responsibilities. I would tell people to invest the time to do this for yourself – it will help you feel much clearer about what needs to happen and allow you to make a plan to make it happen. Thanks, Meggin!” ~Previous participant

“This is a great program if you feel you have a whirl of stuff in your brain that constantly talks back at you and interrupts your ability to progress through your day with a feeling of accomplishment.” ~Previous participant

“It was a helpful reminder of some of the principles I had learnt previously from reading David Allen, but the most useful thing was Meggin’s calming approach that whilst it would look overwhelming, the rainbow effect would happen, and calm would emerge with greater clarity for essentials. I am still going through the various sweeps.” ~Nicola Thomas, UK

“The program helped me manage some of those things I swept out of my head, but didn’t attend to right away.  One such thought I swept out was to write a response to a political action that will affect my business.  Well, I took the thought out of my head, put it on a card and placed it in my “I’ve got some time now” file.  This is a file I’ve created for stuff I might want to look up, or research, or write to someone about.  Usually, I no longer do anything with the items.  I discard them because I’ve cooled down or don’t care so much about it anymore.  This time I was still concerned, so I wrote a response.  Then next thing you know, I get the magazine I wrote to, I’m scanning it, and on page 2 of Overdrive magazine is my name and opinion in bold lettering.  Wow!” ~Karen Martin

“The ‘mind sweep’ concept, introduced to me in a group webinar by Meggin, revealed to me the need to clear out the noise in my head that takes my attention away from what I need to be focused on during work or personal time. During the webinar and ‘mind sweep’ I was energized and motivated to sweep out my head. A few weeks afterwards the energy level waned, and I didn’t mind sweep very much. The noise was back. I am grateful for the Self-study Program. It makes me more productive, and pleasant to be around.” ~Previous participant