Too Much on Your Plate

Meggin says, “If you know you have too much on your plate and you’re ready
for some practical tips to help, you will love this booklet, which I created
along with other expert authors.”



Too Much on Your Plate? 70 Tips for Taking Charge of Your Life

This brand new publication was created when a group of 14 experts came together to create one booklet.  As a group, we put together a collection of tips on topics ranging from paying attention to your health, achieving balance, dealing with your finances, getting a handle on overwhelm, managing clutter, and more.

Here’s just one example of a tip from a member of our author team, Annie Rohrbach:

Be gentle with yourself.  Change takes time.  You are more likely to move forward when you replace guilt and shame with compassion and loving kindness, especially for yourself.”

This is great advice and as you learn from the ideas shared in this booklet, you’ll find yourself changing and moving forward in a positive, productive way.

And here’s a bonus: When you buy all four of the booklets currently available as PDF downloads, I will send you a complimentary copy of this booklet by mail.  US mailing addresses only, please.


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