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P.O. Box 18390
Reno, NV 89511

Meggin on Social Media

Meggin says, “I love social media and never thought I would! As an introvert, I find it fascinating and fun to be able to connect with people in this way and am thankful to live in a time when we have this option. Since there is so much to learn, I appreciate the opportunity to learn through conversations and you’re invited to enjoy the exploration, too. Connect with me, if we aren’t already connected through the places shown here!”




Meggin is very approachable, and teaches in a very logical and straightforward way.
John Majsztrik

Pendleton, SC

I appreciate Meggin’s teaching style. I like how she “talks to you” rather than “at you”. The materials are user friendly and easy to follow. Keep up the great workshops!
Jeanelle Chavez

Las Cruces, NM

I always enjoy Meggin’s presentations. They are clear and precise. They are easy to follow. I enjoy the handouts that go with the presentations. They are very useful.
Class Participant