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“It is never too late – in fiction or in life – to revise.” – Nancy Thayer

Coaching with Meggin

“It is never too late – in fiction or in life – to revise.” – Nancy Thayer

Here you are – ready to take a step or at least explore options about going forward. You are seeking solutions for one or more aspects of your life. Coaching is a magnificent vehicle for you to discover answers, access solutions, and proceed toward more calm and joy in your life.

“Sometimes in your life, you simply can’t see, hear, or think.  Meggin, using her expert ability, helped me see, hear, and think during a very downtime in my life.  Her insight helped me see a much clearer, brighter, and possible future.  She has given me the guidance when I needed the most.”
~Lynn, a mathematician

Having a coach means you have someone who is in your corner, with no vested interest in the choices you make. As a coach, my role is to support you as you explore options and take steps toward what you want – and that may involve helping you figure out what you want!

“Hiring Meggin for a personal coach means having someone who is able to help you get over/ through/ beyond a professional hurdle that you’ve not been able to get past even with your own best intention or effort. She won’t solve your problems for you but will help you pick which problem to solve and brainstorm with you how best to solve it. I had tried a few other coaches before, so I had a pretty good idea of what coaching could do but I was looking for a better match. For me, Meggin brought the right amount of holding me accountable to my previously committed goals and supporting me through the multiple attempts I had to make to solve many of them. Meggin has many great techniques to offer as the training component of the coaching, along with her helpful suggestions and deep insights. With her academic & teaching background, she was especially able to understand and coach me on my “academic issues”, including writing, students, promotion and considering new research directions.”
~Dr. Q

At times, I can help you see the next step; other times, I can give you a nudge to take the next step; and sometimes, I will question you on your decisions about the next steps.  Always, I will support you and provide the accountability that works best for you.  You could describe my style as offering contextualized and structured strategies and encouragement.

What is clear from having my own coaches is that working with a coach makes a tremendous difference and accelerates the change and often, the trajectory of the change.  Nearly everyone who has had a coach – and has been truly invested in the coaching process – wonders, “How does anyone NOT have a coach?”  I have asked that question myself and have heard my own clients wonder the same.

“I’m so grateful that I invested in coaching. As a first-time coaching client, I wondered about the impact that a mere three months of coaching might have on my productivity and my vision for my career. From the start, Meggin was down-to-earth, fun, and approachable yet highly professional. Although we have only conversed on the phone, I would undoubtedly hug her on sight upon meeting her. She supported me in identifying my goals for the summer, provided multiple resources, and just the right amount of input to make me feel a sense of personal agency and empowerment throughout the coaching process. I honestly found her at just the right time in my life, and I am pleased to say that I have met all of my professional goals in the time period we worked together. Just finishing up a new website now, two academic manuscripts, and a number of short articles. It feels good. Most importantly, I am now moving forward with a sense of hope as I map out a new career trajectory. I will be working with Meggin again, for sure.”
~Amy, Associate Professor in Education

My favorite quote is from Nancy Thayer who said, “It is never too late – in fiction or in life – to revise.”  She further explains, “Revise is the important word.  It means change, amend, or correct, something already present, already formed.  You can’t start from the beginning; you have to work with what you have.  The good news is you already have so much.”

So, what do you have that could use a little revising?  It may be time for a coach to help you with that.

A number of coaching options are available if you are ready to “revise.”

Our first step is to set up a Discovery/Strategy Call so we can do some exploring and strategizing to help you move forward.

To get that scheduled:

Please note: If you click on the link and it doesn’t work, please contact Meggin to find out when her schedule might open up.

Ready for some support to see your next step?

What Is Coaching?

You may be wondering what it means to have a coach and whether it’s worth considering for yourself at this juncture. With this publication, you will get my ideas, strategies, and insight on coaching with no hidden agenda other than making sure you have the support you need.

Looking for clarity on how to ask for support from your institution or organization on how to pay for coaching?

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Note:  There are many excellent coaches and if I’m not the right person for you or my schedule precludes working together in a timely fashion, I will be able to suggest other coaches, consultants, and/or additional resources for you.

If you have other questions, please contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as is reasonable.