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Putting Pockets in Your Personal Life

Pockets are “the difference between calm and crazed.”

~Meggin McIntosh

Putting Pockets* in Your Personal Life:  52 Tips to Implement Immediately

If you know you are operating without any “pockets,” i.e., the difference between calm and crazed, then this booklet is for you.  If you realize that you have lost sight of the difference between calm and crazed, then this booklet will help you regain that realization and subsequently DO something about it.

You can actually choose to put in pockets in your personal life, i.e., some protected space (both the physical and metaphorical).  Just click on the image to the right and order your instantly downloadable booklet to start learning practical ideas for your personal life.


*Why the metaphor of pockets?

A couple of years ago, because there was a lot of football being watched in our house by the very handsome man who lives there, I kept hearing talk about how the quarterback was being protected by the pocket that was created by his offensive line.  Note:  I had to get that last part from Larry; what I understood was the ‘protected pocket’ concept.

Around that same time, I heard a story about a boat that had capsized, with people who survived because the boat had a safe pocket of air that the survivors could breathe until rescue arrived.

That’s all it took for me to start thinking about our need to put in and maintain special pockets – so that we can survive and thrive in today’s world.


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