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Meggin McIntosh, PhD
The PhD of Productivity®

Today’s faculty members

  • carry full teaching loads;
  • are expected to generate significant research dollars;
  • serve their community as experts, speakers, judges, and the like;
  • are asked to lend their expertise to projects locally, regionally, and globally;
  • endure promotion and tenure pressures that seem unending both to the professors and their families;
  • need to write daily – nightly – constantly, it seems;
  • work with students who require increased levels of support due to a multitude of circumstances.

Meggin says, “Over 350 people have taken this class. Many have let me know within hours of listening that they got themselves into action immediately! This is thrilling because that is exactly how the class has been designed, no matter where you are in the semester!

“Wow, Meggin! You’ve done it again! As always, I feel so kin to you when I listen to your stories and ideas (like the piles on your desk and the color coded classes)!” ~Carla P.

If you will invest 90 minutes of focus, I promise you significant return on your investment! As a university faculty member for over 15 years, believe me when I tell you that I KNOW the value of your time and I am not asking for it lightly. Each of the minutes you invest in this class will make a difference for you. You have my word on that.”

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  • A packet of materials to download and review while listening to the recording.

“I love Meggin’s teaching style because she sets clear objectives and explains thoroughly along the way.” ~Eugenia

Being a faculty member involves an intense, unrelenting pace. It takes a physical, mental, and emotional toll. Yet, it can be an immensely rewarding and satisfying life, which was your idea when you chose to be a professor! Let me reveal the strategies you need to get – and STAY – organized as you move through the semester!

“I haven’t taught in four years because of my administrative stint and I wanted to start the semester organized. I knew that I could count on Meggin for tips and tricks. I would (and did!) recommend the class because it was a great way to begin the semester.” ~Connie K.

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Would you recommend the “If You Do Nothing Else This Semester” class to a friend or colleague?

“Absolutely, because no matter how well organized and efficient one is, they will learn valuable ways to be even more so and to save time and effort from Meggin’s teleseminar. I’m naturally a very well organized and efficient person, but I wanted to know what I was missing. There ARE great ideas that Meggin covered that never occurred to me. For sure, I need to get a labeler just to make my life easier!” ~Linda Nilson, Clemson

Here’s what you may want to know about me… My 6 word bio is this:

“Put on Earth to teach. Thankful.”

After receiving my MS and PhD from the University of North Texas, I began my career as an assistant professor at the University of Nevada, Reno, now ranked as a Carnegie I Research Institution. In just over 8 years, I earned promotion and tenure as an associate and then promotion to full professor.

Throughout that time, I won every teaching award for which I was eligible including those at the dorm, college, university, system, and state levels. I share this not so you’ll send me high-fives, but to let you know that I “get” the publish or perish demands AND value the teaching and service expectations at land-grant institutions.

Currently known as “The PhD of Productivity®” I get to work with people all over the world through my writing, workshops, and coaching. It is a blast! You’re welcome to learn more here.

Meggin McIntosh, PhD


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“I do not know anyone who cannot use some help in organizing one’s own activities. The only people I have professionally known who are totally organized employ super-qualified assistants whose major task is to keep “the boss” organized and focused on the priority items, etc. The rest of us less fortunate worker drones can always use more suggestions and hearing them (and, hopefully seeing them on screen simultaneously) is always going to be beneficial.” ~Irwin Gray

“Meggin’s straightforward interaction and her easy-to-discern materials both demonstrated her own principles. She was quite responsive to questions coming in by several pathways, yet she stayed on track and kept her discussion within reasonable time boundaries. I am impressed with the set-up of the course. She had thought out well ahead of time the management of her material and of handling incoming communication fairly.” ~Reine Bethany

“I liked the way Meggin organized various topics under Because even though we know how to organize there is always a new way to do things that I hadn’t thought of before. You also need reminders from time to time.” ~Zehra Ahmed

“Very helpful, no nonsense tone.” ~Past Participant