Woman leader.How many times have you talked with a friend and said something like, “If more women were in charge, things would be different.” There are many alternatives to this particular statement, but I think we have ALL believed that women leaders wouldn’t get us into some of the crises that we have found ourselves in over the years - locally, nationally, and globally. We don’t know this for sure, but we do have a sneaking suspicion, don’t we?

So…what do we need to do? We need to lead more. Although I could write pages on each of these, instead, I am just giving you ten short encouraging statements to support you in your role as a productive leader. I hope that they will also serve as encouragement for other women you know:

  1. Lead even when others don’t want you to. Step into the role. Someone needs to and it might as well be you.
  2. Lead so the next group of women have an easier time. Be a person who is willing to leave a legacy and to do the hard work that is necessary to blaze that trail for other women coming behind you. Someone has done that for us.
  3. Lead people who want to follow. You don’t ALWAYS have to take the hard road. If you have people seeking a leader, be that person.
  4. Lead through communication. Develop the skills if you don’t already have them.
  5. Lead like a lion (not a sheep). Look up “characteristics of lions” and see what you find - as compared to “characteristics of sheep”).
  6. Lead quietly. You’ve heard of a velvet hammer, haven’t you?
  7. Lead from the front. It’s not always easy to be out front - large and in charge, but sometimes that is what is needed.
  8. Lead from the back. Gently, gently, ever so gently, pushing, nudging, leading.
  9. Lead with your conscience. You have to live with yourself. What does your conscience say.
  10. Lead by example. No matter what other way you choose to lead, this one will speak the loudest and can either reinforce your other kinds of leadership or completely dismantle anything else you have tried to do. People are always observing what you are doing, saying, and exemplifying. Be conscious of what you’re doing, saying, and exemplifying.

Choose at least one of these ten ways to lead this week. Just focus on one as a style of leading. Someone is going to notice.

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