Someone, who asked to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, responded thusly when asked, ‘What one change would you make to allow for a peacefully productive work environment:

The change in my environment that would make me more peacefully productive would be to have a truly supportive supervisor that valued what I did.  I know I am dispensable to this person because she tried to dispense with my unit/function and move me to into a related but “lowly” role (where people start out in my occupation). 

Thank God, the faculty and deans protested loud enough that I was able to move back to where I belonged.  With a supportive supervisor, I wouldn’t sweat the possibility of losing my job, and I’d get back the administrative assistant I had under the previous administration.  If I could just get out from under all the clerical tasks I have to do, I’d be plenty more productive.


Meggin says:  I happen to know this person - and if she has a supervisor who doesn’t recognize her level of talent, brilliance, and contribution…well, then I would have to wonder what’s wrong with the supervisor.

Maybe she has some “issues,” maybe?

Anyone else have a thought to share on this?

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