Here’s a story from a wonderful school principal.  I happen to know her and so what she has written hurts me because I know it hurts her:

“I love being an administrator at a K-12 public school.  Never have I regretted my decision.  There are overwhelming moments as the only administrator on campus. Whenever I start to be overwhelmed I remind myself that the decisions I’m making and the extra time needed is always what is in the best interest of students. I then know I’m doing what I need to do.

Lately, I feel a sense of truly being overwhelmed because public educators are now having to make decisions that are not in the best interest of students. Telling staff members they will be let go, there will be pay-cuts, & programs for students will be cut makes me wonder where public education will be in the next ten years.

It makes me thankful my own children are grown & I’m closer to retirement, but then I feel selfish. I am always an upbeat woman who is proactive and I figure out solutions instead of worrying. At this point in time, I feel I’m in a spiral of downward trend without any answers or control. That is a little overwhelming.”

What’s going on in your state as far as education goes?  How are you feeling related to public education?  Overwhelmed?  Underwhelmed?  Let us know.  Click the comment link if the box isn’t showing yet.

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