The Just Whelmed R & D team was asked:

“What have you eliminated to make your life simpler (if you have)?  How has it made a difference for you, as far as being “just whelmed”?  What helped you realize that it was something you just didn’t need any longer?” 

Their responses were very helpful, including these from Irasema Coronado:

1. I open my regular mail in front of a trash can and throw the majority of it away.

2. I cancelled subscriptions to all magazines.

3. I do not explore options to change phone, television, internet service, cable services- wastes too much time comparing prices and making appointments to make the changes.

4. I schedule my medical appointments either the first one in the day or the last one and I call before I go to make sure that they are running on time.

5. I am a shameless multi-tasker….when I get my hair cut I schedule a meeting with someone whom I trust and we work  together while the hairdresser does her thing…same with pedicure.

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