What boosts your energy and just “lights you up” - personally or professionally?  You are just a fuller YOU after these times, interactions, experiences, etc.  What are those?

Here is  Yehudit Reishtein’s joyous answer:

What energizes me?

  1. Finishing a project–it can be a project like writing an article, cleaning and reorganizing a room, or filing final grades for the term (some of these finished projects give me a small boost, some a big boost)
  2. Hearing from a student that I made a difference in his/her learning or writing
  3. Mastering something I’ve been having trouble with (had a conversation on the telephone, all in Hebrew!)
  4. Doing something productive with grandchildren (reading alternate pages of book with 4th grader, painting with 5 year old, etc)
  5. Lively discussions of issues with peers

What energizes you?  Tell us, please!


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