When members of the R & D team were asked, “What boosts your energy and just “lights you up” - personally or professionally, i.e., when you are just a fuller YOU after these times, interactions, experiences, etc?” here’s what Lyndi Cooper-Schroeder said (and I want you to experience the joy she feels just when you read this; I did):

What “lights me up”?

  • I love being with people I love–family, friends, cohorts.
  • I love having time/making time to talk and visit and share a meal or a fun experience together.
  • I love sitting on my front porch petting our dogs with my husband and I love traveling the globe and seeing crazy wonderful new places and people.
  • I love seeing my children and grandchildren happy and healthy.
  • I love camping in our Airstream and sleeping outside.
  • I love putting my student interns together with a great mentor.
  • I love getting to know exciting human beings.
  • I love accomplishing something worthwhile and I love just hanging out with people I care about. It usually doesn’t even matter what we’re doing–just that we are with each other in this world.  A few of us recently formed a Talkers’ Group. One of us chooses a topic to discuss–asks a few pointed questions and puts that out to the others.  Then we meet once a month or so and share our thoughts/ideas/stories. A month later, we’re on to another topic.
  • I love laughing with funny people.
  • I love listening to smart people.
  • I love celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and life.

I feel happier just reading Lyndi’s list!!

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