When members of the R & D team were asked, “What boosts your energy and just “lights you up” - personally or professionally, i.e., when you are just a fuller YOU after these times, interactions, experiences, etc?” here’s what Susan Kieffer, RN, MSN/Ed. said:

I read somewhere that the difference between an introvert and an extrovert depends on where you get your energy — from being with people or from being alone. With that definition in mind, I am totally an introvert as “alone time” is what boosts my energy and “lights me up.” Don’t get me wrong, I love people, and I love my family especially, but “alone time” — even for a few minutes — can completely rejuvenate my mind and give me that boost. I absolutely have to have that time to think, to reason things out, to just be quiet, and to pray.

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