heart“To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work.” Mary Lauretta

After I read this quote, I sent out an email to folks asking those who were willing to tell me whether they were in love with their work–and how that happened.

I received, happily enough, many “yes” responses which are quite uplifting and a few are shared below. See if any of these resonate with you:


Yes, I love my work. I am fortunate to work with wonderful people and have great benefits. I am well suited for the work I do yet have challenges to keep me energized. I fell pretty well balanced and generally not under or overwhelmed.


I enjoy my work most when I work people who have positive outlooks, are encouraging, and can work through difficulties without resorting to anger. I also am in love with my work when I feel like I’m being productive and my work is appreciated. There of course are also some tasks that I find more energizing than others.


…after making a recent job change, I AM in love with my work! It’s because I believe that what I am doing matters and makes a difference in people’s lives. It is very positive and worthwhile.


Yes, I am in love with my work. Happy happy happy! I am ecstatic! I am working with wonderful people who appreciate what I bring to the table (and I am in fact bringing a unique skill set here). It’s wonderful to bring something to the table and have one’s contribution valued. Plus I am working at an institution that believes not only in thoughtful strategic planning, but in the continued care and feeding of said strategic plan. PLUS, I work with psychologically healthy people who enjoy what they do, respect one another, don’t fight over turf, work with integrity, and have compatible senses of humor. It doesn’t get better than this! I find myself singing as I drive home, and at home if I am ‘standing still’ I start dancing around! (My husband is referring to me as ‘the resident beacon of happiness.’)


Yes, I love my work! As an elementary school principal I get to do it all. I get to observe some of the greatest teachers, I get to interact with all the students, I get to be there for the staff, I get to relate information that I have found that works to staff, and I get to help out in every area of the school and make a difference. I do feel that I make a difference.

Questions to Ask and Answer:

  1. Are you in love with your work?
  2. If yes, why?
  3. If no, why not?
  4. Anything else related to being UNDERwhelmed or OVERwhelmed because of your ‘love affair’ (or lack thereof) with your work life?

So, What About You?

If you are in love with your work, take stock of why you are - and be grateful. If others are involved, acknowledge the part that they have in being part of ‘work that you love.’

And, if you are not in love with your work, take stock of why not. Doing so in writing is often quite helpful - it’s much better than just thinking about it. Often when you get your ideas out on paper, you can figure out what the issues really are - and then determine if there is anything that can be done about them.

Whether you are

  • madly, passionately in love with your work,
  • have a crush on your work, or
  • are not even mildly interested in ‘dating’ your work, it’s worth examining.

Just as in the relationships in our adult lives, the good ones take constant tending. The other kinds…we sometimes have to let go or figure out how to repair them.

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