AudioAcrobat is an on-line cloud-based tool that you can use to record your audio event, whether it is a teleseminar, conference call, coaching call or a podcast.

I have been using AudioAcrobat for nearly 10 years and cannot think of using anything else.

AudioAcrobat now offers other services such as video recording and social media tools. My experience is specifically with the audio tools, and I also have experience with the video tools.  What I like about this program is the ease of use, and the quality and reliability of the audio recordings.  If I teach a teleseminar I do not stress if the audio will work correctly or if I will lose the recording (which could happen due to my not always reliable phone company, but not AudioAcrobat).

If you are interested in learning more, visit AudioAcrobat. AudioAcrobat offers a 30 day free trial and free on-line training.  You can’t go wrong!

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