One of our Just Whelmed members and a coaching client is REALLY working on her own Urgent/Important Matrix and doing excellent thinking on this.  She shared the following resources (and more will be in tomorrow’s post when I’ll also include the beautiful matrix she designed):

Really liked this one, giving the quadrants descriptive names

Liked this one too, but didn’t incorporate anything from it

Another one I liked, but didn’t incorporate (thought the bullseye would be too distracting with the list)

How to Manage Your Time and Focus on What’s Really Important - If you scroll down here, you’ll see the list idea

Like the idea for single words in the quadrants (I also had thoughts like quad 1: where I have to be, quad 2: where i ideally want to be, quad 3: where other people want me to be, quad 4: where i want to be when i’m overwhelmed, but I wanted few words).

Thanks for sharing!!


Take a look and see what you find that is helpful to you.


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