Woman travelingTraveling puts tremendous strain on a person’s productivity… because of the wear and tear on your body, mind, soul, and emotions. It’s important to recognize this and to be proactive in addressing these issues. This article includes some ideas to consider as you travel for your professional responsibilities (although most apply for personal travel as well).

  1. Consider your mental needs and provide for those needs while traveling (e.g., good books, articles, books on tape/MP3).
  2. Consider your emotional needs and provide for those needs while traveling (e.g., phone numbers of people you care about so that you can give them a call).
  3. Consider your physical needs and provide for those needs while traveling (e.g., special pillows, ear plugs, noise-cancelling headphones for the plane).
  4. Invest in the technology you need to stay connected while traveling (e.g., phone, PDA, the right software, such as GoToMyPC).
  5. Consider what your time is worth and spend the money necessary to make the best use of your time (e.g.,
    $9.95 to connect to the Internet in your hotel room is worth it if you will have fewer emails to deal with once you get home).
  6. Tip well and get the help you need. How much would a trip to the chiropractor cost vs. tipping for some assistance at the hotel? Ask for help and accept it when it’s offered, too.
  7. Drink a lot of water. You really can’t overdo this one. Drink it before you get on the plane, on the plane, and in your hotel room–glass after glass after glass.
  8. Eat decently. You know what that means for you. Be sure to have great food bars and nuts in case you’re stuck somewhere and eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible, avoiding heavy foods.
  9. Get a reasonable amount of sleep. Have earplugs and medication, as needed. If you are traveling into different time zones, you must pay particular attention to this idea.
  10. Plan for recovery days after travel—to recover physically, mentally, emotionally, and work-wise. It depends on how much time you have been out of town, but a ratio of 1 recovery day for every 3 days out of the office is reasonable. Note the word “plan”….these days won’t appear magically.

Travel, whether for business or for pleasure, is a challenge. Make it more productive for yourself by following one or more of the suggestions in this article. Apply one or more of these for your very next trip. Be clear on your intent to be more productive.

Keep moving forward on your goals for more peaceful productivity.

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