As I was scheduling the focus topics for the next year of my fr*ee monthly INTUIT-U Business Intuition Discovery webinars, I decided that instead of jumping right in to the different areas of business where intuition can be used, that it would be helpful to give some ideas of what a business day looks like when we engage our intuition as a business resource. I believe there are two modes of intuition – receptive and active. Receptive intuitive is where we tune in and know things beyond the abilities of the five physical senses. It provides information, insights and inspiration. Active intuition is when we consciously use our intuition to influence, impact, or improve a situation, circumstance or event. As you’ll see, the typical intuitive business day includes both receptive and active intuition. The other thing you’ll notice is that intuition is not a replacement for logic and diligence, but augments our ability to know what is right for us and helps us access heightened creativity and stay in focused action. So, here’s a sample of an intuitive business day.
  1. Upon waking – before I even get out of bed – I ground myself so I am very present. With my eyes still closed I visualize and embody my purpose and passion so it will inspire me throughout the day. Then I intuitively select and set the optimal energy (theme) that will be most supportive for the day I have planned.
  1. I confirm that I have a notebook and pen in the bathroom before I jump in the shower, so I can easily capture the intuitive insights that often come to me when I am in or around water. This morning a friend and colleague comes into my awareness, so I know I am to reach out to her. I chuckle later when I see that she has emailed me asking for input.
  1. As I check email I let my intuition nudge me when I am not focused – giving me a signal when I am spending too much time handling emails that are not in alignment with my goals. I ask intuitively regarding a particular email: Is this a distraction or focused action? I feel an energetic nudge to get back on track with my primary project for the day.
  1. Time to make some phone calls. I first reach out to anyone who has come to my conscious awareness “out of the blue”, meaning I haven’t thought about or connected with them recently, as I know this is probably an intuitive indicator to call. When they answer and I identify myself they usually say something like “Wow, I was just thinking about you”, “I was planning to call you”, or “You must be psychic” (go figure!).
  1. Next I get the list of people I want to connect with and see whose name on the list jumps out at me. Sometimes this is a visual impression that their name is bigger or bolder or a different color than the rest (even though it isn’t), other times my eyes are just drawn to certain names.
  1. As I look at my calendar, I see that there is a business networking event coming up later in the week. It’s a busy week and I’m on the fence about going, so I tune in and ask if it is important for me to attend. I get a YES and end up making several great connections at the event.
  1. As I prepare for my client consultations for the day I take a few moments to set the energy for clear communications and being of highest service to my clients and their businesses. Whether they are across my desk in my office or across the globe via Skype, I create the space for our connection so we can be focused. After each client, I clear my energy and refresh the consultation space so their energy isn’t left behind. This is particularly important because tapping into their soul’s potentials and how it can express through their work in the world can be huge energy. We also often identify and release old beliefs and patterns that are no longer in alignment with their newer vision.
  1. After I have completed the day’s client consultations, its time to prepare for my webinar I’ll be presenting tomorrow.  Although I’ve already determined the topic, I pause and intuitively tune in to the group intelligence of those who will be attending to see what else they want to know and would benefit from. I also set the optimal energy for the webinar as guided by my intuition – insightful, practical and fun.
  1. As I am working, the phone rings. I don’t recognize who is calling so I check in with my intuition to ask if it is important to answer and get a No. When I check voicemail a bit later I find out it was a telemarketer.
  1. I’m off to a business networking event, so I take a moment and focus on my Brand Energetics, so as well as my practiced introduction, I can energetically express my purpose and passion and really connect with people from a place of being of service. Two of the people at the event tell me I have great energy (Yea! Brand Energetics works!). I am aware of other people’s energy at the event, letting my intuition guide me to people I want to make special connections with.
These are examples of how I use my intuition throughout my business day. I plan my day, and also let myself be guided. If I get a flash of insight on a creative project while I am in the middle of administrative activities, I shift my energy and capture the creative insights, then shift back to administrative energy to complete my detailed tasks. Once I get in bed at the end of the day, I let go of my entrepreneurial busy mind and set my energy for peaceful, restful and rejuvenating sleep. I’m smiling as I thank you. I just received the intuitive knowing that writing this article has been as much for me as it has been for you. Stopping to think and write about these examples of my intuitive business day has reminded me how much intuition has become second nature and is an integral part of who and how I am. May your intuition guide you well in business and in life. © Copyright 2012 Susan Rueppel, Ph.D., Chief Intuition Officer, Energetic Wisdom Susan Rueppel, Ph.D., Chief Intuition Officer is an international Business Intuitive, author, speaker and trainer - helping entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate executives use intuition to grow their business faster and easier. She offers private Intuitive Business Accelerator Consultation Services, group programs, training and mentoring in Sacramento, California and around the globe by phone/Skype. For more info visit her web site at and learn about her FR*EE Monthly webinars:  Business Intuition Discovery

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