Write down the phrase success AND failure.

I didn’t suggest success OR failure. I didn’t suggest success INSTEAD OF failure. I didn’t suggest success WITHOUT failure. Life is success AND failure.

Underline the word AND, write it in bold letters, circle it, do something so that this word stands out. Don’t skip this; it is important that you to write it with your own hand to better transfer it into your brain.

Since you’re reading this article, I will assume that you want to stay positive regardless of what is happening around you. Certainly there are meds that help with that, but we are exploring more organic approaches, right!! Note: Feel free to get a little help from meds if you need it, however!

In my mind, there are five reasons to think about how success AND failure are related to staying positive in this somewhat freaked-out world.

  1. As individuals (as well as parts of families and members of organizations), we need to focus on areas where we and those around us are being successful.
  1. As individuals (as well as parts of families and members of groups, companies, or other entities) we need to accept that failure on any particular project, job, task, relationship, or other endeavor does not mean the end of the world as we know it.
  1. As individuals (as well as parts of families and members of groups), we likewise need to recognize that, success on some other project, job, task, relationship, or endeavor doesn’t mean that the world’s problems are all solved either. Just so none of us get too big for our britches here! It is not that we aren’t powerful; it’s that we need to get some perspective.
  1. The fourth reason is that in order to make changes in our lives (big or small) - changes that will begin to address and solve some of the issues, problems, and tragedies that exist, we have to take some risks - and one of those risks is success and one of those risks is failure. I’m not a psychologist so I’m not going to go into the whole ‘fear-of-success’ literature with you, nor the fear of failure literature. You can find and examine that yourself, as needed.
  1. And the fifth reason is related to creativity. Creative individuals - who are needed now more than ever - know that they will fail a good portion of the time. Highly creative people have a tolerance for ambiguity, with some of the ambiguity being around whether or not something will “succeed.” Related to the previous reason, my belief is that the creativity to solve problems exists in human beings’ minds - including yours. We have to put that creativity to good use - everyday - and we can’t if we are frozen up from fear, control issues, or negativity.

Be bold. Several times today, write the phrase “Success AND failure.” They are both part of a dynamic life. Live that life.


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