Have you ever had a project go awry because the planning either didn’t happen - or didn’t happen well enough?  Did the blood pressure of your ‘organization’ go up?  It’s wise to check the pulse of your productivity, particularly related to planning. SO many times, business owners (and pretty much everyone else) fail to plan - either by failing to plan at all or to the extent necessary.  As a business owner, you need to be planning on a

  • Yearly (or beyond) level
  • Monthly level
  • Weekly level
  • Daily level

You need to be doing this planning by yourself as well as with other key members of your team. Depending on your life and work, it is quite reasonable to set aside 20 - 30 minutes of planning each day. The research indicates (and many of you know this from your own experience), that every minute you spend planning saves you about 5 - 6 in execution.

So, lack of planning could definitely be one of the reasons your productivity pulse ‘skips’ a few beats every so often….

Part of your planning needs to take into consideration how much time you have ‘available to promise.’ This is one  of the most important concepts I have learned over the last few years.  Available to promise (also know as ATP) - once understood - will change the entire way you do your work and live your life beyond work.

The gist of ATP is that you need to know what your available inventory is of time, energy, and attention. Then, you make sure not to overpromise what you can’t deliver.  Business owners know to do this with their physical inventory, i.e., they don’t promise to deliver 300 pairs of shoes by tomorrow if they only have 100 pairs on hand.  To make promises like that (and they to fail to deliver) is a sure way to destroy all credibility with clients and customers. So why do we have so much trouble applying this concept to time, energy, and attention.

Although the concept sounds simple, only a handful of professionals integrate this into their work and personal lives. Once you begin to do so, it makes an extraordinary difference in your productivity and integrity. Isn’t that what you’d want?

The available to promise concept is one to learn for yourself, to teach to your colleagues, and to implement in your personal life.


And to help you manage your time and commitments, you will want to access the teleseminar, ATP: Available to Promise How much time & energy (truthfully) do you have ‘available to promise’?, available for immediate download.

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