Happy womanAre you a person who tries to take care of everyone else’s needs - often before and instead of taking care of your own needs? Every once in a while, that works out, but if you do this on a consistent basis, it takes a significant toll on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Right now, if you are having particular trouble staying positive, when things seem a little freaked out around you, then more than ever, you need to attend to your own energy needs.

Ask and answer the following questions:

  1. Are you feeling anxious, stressed, and maybe even a little bit scared?
  2. Are you noticing that your own energy seems to be waning, maybe more than usual?
  3. Are there some days when you feel like it’s taking everything you have just to keep yourself ‘together’?
  4. Are you taking care of your own energy needs?

Last year, when I began to have this sense of ‘increased weirdness,’ I checked with other friends and colleagues (whom I trust) to find out if they felt something different, too (and they did). Being reasonably introspective anyway, I checked my overall energy and acknowledged that it really was taking nearly all of my energy to maintain my own relatively stable mental and emotional status quo. It was clear that I had very little excess energy to spare, if you will. The reason this was noticeable to me is that because normally, since I’m an extremely high energy person, I am used to having some to spare on a number of levels.

Now while I can’t know for sure what your energy levels are, you do. Take some time to check in with yourself and to recognize whether this is one of those times when it may be taking more for you to sustain your positivity. Just because it’s may be true for you does not indicate that there’s something wrong with you. It’s just that there are times when there is more weirdness or negativity around - and it generally takes energy just to ward that off. Conserve enough energy for yourself so that you can do so.

In addition to answering the questions above, here’s one more action for this article: Determine where your overall energy is. Then, get a sense of how much excess energy you have to invest in other people, projects, and passions.

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