Super woman.Do you spend a lot of time thinking about how you are amazing - even extraordinary?  Or do you mostly worry about what you’re not so good at?  Sadly, for many, it’s the latter.  Does focusing on your less-than-amazing features assist you in staying positive…uh, probably not.  What if you believed, as Jean Houston does, that “We all have the extraordinary coded within us…waiting to be released”? Would that change your perspective?

I’d like to suggest this practice - starting today:

Name what it is that is extraordinary about you.

Here are other ways of thinking about this practice:

  • Give your extraordinary characteristic or attribute a name, e.g., calm, sensibility, lusciousness, smile, inner light, confidence, bounce back-ability, count on, anchor.
  • Notice that these suggested ideas are different parts of speech - so the name you give doesn’t have to be a noun or a descriptor or even a real word…it’s a name that you have that clarifies in your own mind what it is.
  • As you may or may not know, many, many cultures have deep-seated beliefs about the power of a name - so draw on this cross-cultural sense that naming something does give it power - and it is power in your life we’re going for here.

So how can this practice assist in your quest to be staying positive - even amidst some other less-than-positive folks?

If you don’t stop to think on a pretty regular basis about what you possess that is extraordinary, it can be reasonably easy to forget it and/or to take it for granted.

Think about when someone is in full freak-out mode - essentially hysterical. One of the practices that you or someone else might do is to take a hold of the person’s arms to get his/her attention. Then you say, “Stop. Now, focus on x (whatever x is).” You are trying to get that person to slow down and focus on just one thing - and then to stay there long enough to regain composure. That may seem a bit drastic compared to what I’m telling you, but if you realize that stopping and focusing can help us to regain composure, then you will see the value in stopping daily to be specifically thankful for whatever it is about you that is amazing.

I’ll close with this quote from the ever-amazing Earl Nightingale (and those of you who are too young to have ever heard his voice, you’ve missed out). Anyway, Earl Nightingale said,

“We all walk in the dark and each of us must learn to turn on his or her own light.” Name your ‘amazingness’ and you are taking a step toward turning on this light.


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