Thankful woman.Are you thankful - every day - for what is extraordinary about you? If not, why not? Do you realize that there are others who are envious (or would be if they knew you) of what you have that is amazing? Regardless of whether it’s your smile, your heart, your health, your mental acuity, your parenting skills, your ability to always know the right thing to say, or any other of the multitude of characteristics, behaviors, or qualities that you have going for you - you want to give thanks, daily.

Know this, very clearly:

The world is different and is a better place because you are in it. The world would be poorer without you. Never forget that. Spend conscious time right now and then each day on what is extraordinary, amazing, and brilliant about you.

Consciousness helps us bring our talents forward more fully. By being thankful - on a regular basis - for what it is that is extraordinary about you, it’s possible you’ll find a few more aspects of yourself to be thankful for. Hmmm….interesting how that happens. And as Aaron Rose said, “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” See if maybe your perspective changes somewhat as you move through these phases and make them part of how you live and work.

So, in addition to what I already mentioned, why else would you want to stay in a grateful place?

It has to do with focus. If you are focusing on the “uck,” - and there is plenty of it to focus on - then your thoughts and attention are going to go in that direction. If you want to stay positive then you need your thoughts and attention to go as far away from the ‘ucky’ and be immersed in the upside, the good, the positive, the light, the possibilities. Focusing on your own amazing attributes, examining them, living them, and helping others find theirs, helps to manifest the positive instead of reinforcing the negative.

A thankful mindset is quite different from one that is lackadaisical and takes whatever it is that is extraordinary for granted.

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