successDo you think the people around you are receiving enough positive feedback? If they are, they are unusual. Both at home and at work, very few individuals receive the kind of positive, supportive, helpful feedback that they need. You could begin to change that - all on your own. Think about it this way: Look for ways to affirm the extraordinary in someone else. I don’t care if you write them a letter, send them an email, pull them aside at the office, go into their workspace, take them out in your backyard, talk to them on a plane… Regardless of who you are with or where you might be, expose someone else’s extraordinariness to them - and affirm it. If you need ways of starting your sentences to do so, you could use prompts like:
  • You are extraordinary because…
  • Here is one way you are extraordinary….
  • I know a lot of extraordinary people. You are one of those, specifically because….
If you want to have some fun around this, consider what might happen if you created a certificate for someone. You could just list the person’s name on a piece of paper and then say something about For exemplifying the extraordinary characteristic, attribute, or quality of whatever… Be playful, yet always be authentic, of course. When it becomes natural for you to be this affirming, which comes through more clearly and helpfully when you are in full acknowledgement of your own amazingness, by the way, then you won’t need prompts or special ways of communicating others’ extraordinariness to them. it will just be the way you respond and treat people. Oh, and talk about attractive! This behavior and characteristic is attractive to others, believe me. In this world that is fabulous and yet is troubled, people need help so that they can stay positive. Know this: You can’t acknowledge the amazing and the extraordinary in others if you can’t (or won’t) recognize it in yourself. So you will feel better just by looking for and finding others strengths and talents. And, others really need you to be finding the amazing and extraordinary in them. Many, many people are suffering. They may be suffering because they are in abusive relationships (at work or at home). Or, maybe they are suffering because they have lost their job or career and now wonder not only how they will provide for themselves and their families - but also feeling down as if losing their job is somehow because they are ‘less than’ what they ‘should’ be. Others around you NEED you to help them unleash the extraordinary. Please. Do so.  

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