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Are you stressed out of your mind because you are trying to do too much?  Are you focusing on so many different ‘targets’ that you can’t even see the various bull’s-eyes, let alone hit them?  Limiting the number of targets is one way to reduce your anxiety.

Here’s a suggestion:

Open up your eyes to see how many targets are on your ‘range.’ Archers are not very effective if they don’t  even know what targets they are trying to hit - and neither are you. So…

The action for this suggestion is:

  • Create a page with lots of little targets on it.
  • Next to each of these targets, write down what that particular ‘target’ is for you.

For example, a dad who is in business could write the name of each of his children on different targets, along with the names of several key clients on different targets, his health issues on other targets, and the committees he serves on next to or on the other targets.

A mom who is a professor could write the names of her classes on different targets, the various writing projects she has underway on other targets, her husband and children’s names on still more targets, and the list goes on.

Can you see how you have a LOT of targets possible…? As you complete this activity, think of the people in your life, the projects you have at work, the home projects, the financial goals you have, your health and whatever else you are currently, supposedly, focusing on. You may very well need several pages, is my guess.

Here is a second suggestion to reduce your stress:

Reduce the number of targets on which you choose to focus.  You cannot get anything done (either at all or well) if your ‘range’ is cluttered with too many targets. So, either remove some of the targets altogether - and forever - or remove them for the time being. Clear your range so you have fewer targets and can ‘see’ the bull’s-eye, that is, what it is you’re aiming for.

Your action for this suggestion is to deliberately and consciously remove some of the targets. For now, go back to the list you made sooner and put an X through certain ones or snip them off the page; just do whatever you need to in order to get a visual image of the reduction in number.  Making these changes may involve one or more of the following:

  • You may need to ask for help;
  • You may have to ask for time extensions;
  • You may have to ask that you be removed from committees.

Who knows what you may have to do, but make the changes necessary so that you have fewer targets on which you will be attempting to focus. You are the only person who knows how many and which ones need to be removed. Be a grown-up and do so.

Find and Limit Your Focus

And for more tips and strategies to limit your targets you will want to access the Get a Plan! Guide®: Find and Limit Your Focus part of the Get a Plan! Guides® series designed so that you can be more peacefully and predictably productive.

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