Here’s what Rosalind Walton said about how to simplify your life:

I’m not certain that this will apply to everyone, but for myself I’ve eliminated the need to jump on the emotional “roller coaster ride” with loved ones.

I am there to support them when they stop for a breath and will give them a hug as they board again, but I will not “ride the ride” with them.

I find it takes a lot of stress out of my day-to-day life just to realize that asmuch as I’d like to, I cannot fix all problems for all people.  I am grateful that others trust my advise, but also want them to know that I am not Wonder Woman (I just wish I had her powers)!

As for what helped me realize that this is something that I didn’t need any longer…it was when the stress that others were going through began to affect my well being.  If we don’t keep ourselves healthy, we won’t be any good to others or to ourselves.


I feel reasonably certain that we can all identify with Rosalind’s excellent suggestion.  Being on anyone’s emotional roller coaster is highly stressful.  How do you stay off your loved ones’ roller coasters?

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