Here are some helpful tips from Maureen McBride for ways that you can simplify your day-to-day university life

I think realizing what is truly important to me has helped me to eliminate unnecessary “stuff.”  For example, while I think committee work is important, I sometimes excuse myself from attending a meeting to address student concerns (such as a student conference), which I see as my priority.

I also limit my contact with people who frustrate me and whose interactions with me makes me feel negative.  It is not that I shy away from confrontation (although I would not say I enjoy it), but that I try to create an environment that is positive and progressive; part of that includes the people I surround myself with.

More practically, when I am grading, I focus on three to five points of feedback for the students.  Usually, I can find about 10-20 points of feedback, but I have realized that more than three to five is just too overwhelming for students and puts a stop to formative feedback and turns into summative-I’m-a-bad-student feeling. Sometimes I use rubrics to help me focus. Other times, I organically respond to the needs of the student (but this takes self-discipline to stop at three to five).

Maureen is sharing wise tips with all of  us!  We appreciate it.  Please comment below to give her additional feedback.

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