PositivityImagine metaphorical doors to open and doors to close. You want to keep the doors open to what supports you and close the door to what depletes you. You have to make decisions - because that’s really what life is. Decisions. Timothy Fuller said it this way,

“Life is just a series of trying to make up your mind.”

One of the best actions you can take is to make decisions about particular doors you want to be or stay closed and then to COMMUNICATE that to others. A way that helps you (and others) have the mental frame for this, consider setting policies. Essentially everyone who has ever worked knows about policies and procedures… and the word “policy” just has this sound to it when you hear it. When someone says, “Well, you know, the policy is blah, blah, blah…” then you think, “Oh, my goodness. We’ll if that’s the policy…”

So, what about policies for you as an individual or ones for your family or ones for where you work? Do you want to set up some policies that help you stay positive vs. becoming and staying freaked out?

  • My policy is that I always stay in a hotel when I’m out of town. That’s a positive way of saying that I close the door to staying with other people when I’m out of town.
  • My policy is only to spend time, money, and energy on projects related to women and children (vs. the police fund, etc.) This is a positive way for me to tell others who are asking for my time, money, and energy donations that I won’t be donating to their group.
  • My policy is that we don’t travel around the holidays unless it’s an emergency. Pretty much, I don’t have to say this to anyone in the family…they just know, but sometimes I have to tell others who feel badly for me that I’m not at someone else’s house or something.
  • My policy is to avoid watching the news. That is a fairly new policy that was implemented when I found I just had to close the door to constantly negative news (and not just CNN by any means). I just don’t want the news except in little snips and snaps…That’s my policy.

Determining the policies that you need to have in place so that you, your family, your friends, and your work colleagues and clients can also stay positive is going to be fun - and you can expect some heavy thought on some of these. Practice your policies with those who will let you “try them out” to see how they sound.To stay positive (and keep your stress level manageable) you need to maintain your energy. There is plenty in daily life that can be exhausting. Try not to have indecision be one of those stressors. As Bertrand Russell said, “Nothing is so exhausting as indecision, and nothing is so futile.” Make a decision about the doors you need to close - and then set policies to keep those doors firmly shut!

P.S.  If you would like a full set of materials on setting policies, just go to www.JustWhelmed.com and you’ll see the Sample button where you may download a printed document and a recording.

And if you are well aware that you - or those around you - are freaked-out to one degree or another and you can see that it is taking a toll, then you’re invited to join the Staying Positive Society where you can access tools for yourself or your team. You can find out all about it at StayingPositiveinaFreakedoutWorld.com. We have a positive group and would love to have you join us.



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