release energyShould you pay attention to your emotional energy? Does that matter when you are trying to keep a positive mental outlook? You bet it does! As Irene Claremont de Castillejo states, “Emotion always has its roots in the unconscious and manifests itself in the body.” Your physical energy will definitely be affected if you have not attended to the emotions you have and the energy they provide - or subtract. Consider the following seven prompts. Take the time to finish the sentences - with a few words or in an extensive fashion - whatever will serve you best. 1. I feel most positively energized emotionally when… Certainly there are times that we are emotionally supercharged, but it is not in a positive way. What you want to include here is when you have that sense of emotional energy that just bathes over you and really springs forth from you. You feel ready to handle life’s challenges. 2. The most emotionally energizing person I know is… This is someone you know who seems to feed you emotionally somehow. That is, when you’re around him/her, your emotional core is revived and renewed. 3. The most emotionally energized person I know is… Who is the person who seems to possess a high EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) or however else you might define someone who is energized emotionally - seemingly constantly. 4. I feel least energized (most depleted) emotionally when… This is a serious danger sign and one to watch for, for yourself. Often, the way you may know that you are emotionally depleted is when you are experiencing some physical manifestations… 5. When I need an emotional energy boost, I… Is there an activity you engage in? A place you go? Something that you think about? Do you ask for a hug? What is it FOR YOU? Not anyone else, just you. 6. Too often, I confuse emotional energy with… There’s a huge range of possible answers here. These are tough prompts I’m giving you…and you need the answers you provide. 7. Too much emotional energy is required of me right now to continue… Are there some energy drainers from whom you need to withdraw - either just for now or maybe forever? Certain people, possibly. Certain behaviors? Once you have your answers, you can begin to reflect on what changes you need to make so that your energy can be replenished if it has become depleted. You can steer clear of those emotional energy drainers and seek out those emotional energy boosts. energy_1And if you want to be mindful of your energy, invest it wisely, and avoid any kind of energy squandering you will be interested in the teleseminar: Quantifying Your Value: Energy Charting for Your Professional and Personal Life.      

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