Peaceful womanHas your home stopped being a haven for you?  Has it become more chaotic than you would prefer?  Think about putting in pockets (special protected places) of time and energy for yourself - and others who live there.  Here are six suggestions for how to do so.

  1. Eat together. No one eats until everyone is seated. Initiate (and maintain) pleasant conversations. Avoid drilling one another with punitive questions, e.g., “Have you finished your homework?” or “Did you clean up your room yet?” or “Have you called about the new phone line, yet?!” Stress surrounding the dinner table (or lunch or breakfast) detracts from the pockets of peacefulness that one’s home is meant to offer.

  2. Limit household debt. Nothing is more stressful than dreading the mailbox and its inevitable bills. Avoid buying anything on time payments.

  3. Lower your voice. Do you really want to sound cranky with every word you say? My brother (who has five children) has a rule in his house that the person who is speaking must go to the room of the person he/she wants to talk to. This limits yelling from room to room. It’s very nice, actually.

  4. Get a pet and treat it well. Then treat your family with the same courtesy. On the other hand, if having a pet would add negative stress, thereby lessening the pockets you need and want, then don’t get a pet–or limit the number of pets. Still treat your family with courtesy, however.

  5. Set boundaries about your home. If you are a person who considers your home to be a haven (like I do), then you will want to make it clear that others aren’t allowed to just drop by and come in. Just because someone rings the doorbell doesn’t mean you have to answer.

  6. Let your answering machine or voice mail take your calls. Even with the no-call lists you may have put yourself on, many groups are getting around that rule and are still calling with sales pitches, surveys, recorded calls, and the like. Don’t answer the phone unless you are fine with being interrupted from whatever else you were doing.

These are ways that will assist you in putting in appropriate pockets - so that you are calm, cool, and collected.  Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

Keep in mind, pockets are “the difference between calm and chaos.”

Personal_Cover_FlatAnd if you liked these tips feel free to check out Putting Pockets if Your Personal Life: 52 Tips to Implement Immediately. If you know you are operating without any “pockets,” and you realize that you have lost sight of the difference between calm and crazed, then this booklet will help you regain that realization and subsequently DO something about it.


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