EnergyWhen your energy reserves are low (or completely gone), it takes much less to send you to the place of being ineffective, unproductive…and shall we say, ‘crazed?’ This article gives you ideas for deliberately creating energy ‘pockets’ in each of these five areas: emotional, physical, intellectual/mental, spiritual, and creative.

  • Emotional: Recognize anger and hostility for what they are. Anger is fresh and can be avoided (sometimes) and managed (always, albeit with help at times). Hostility is old anger–and needs more attention, sometimes from a professional. If you have hostility that is eating you up inside, it’s subtracting your emotional energy. To get your pockets of emotional energy back, forgive, forget, address it, and/or get help. A person with hostility can’t create an emotional energy pocket.

  • Physical: Get enough sleep. If you are reading this and are at least 5 years old, you probably aren’t getting enough sleep right now.

  • Intellectual/Mental: Learn new words. We feel smarter (and we are smarter) when we can find the right word to express what we are trying to express. I love getting the word of the day. I also like talking to people who use interesting and new words. It makes me stretch (and gives me a little bit of a mental pocket).

  • Spiritual: Spend time with the Universe. It might be in prayer, in the outdoors, or with people who need your help (my sister-in-law and two nieces went to China last summer to work in an orphanage, but you can go to a school, hospital, neighborhood, or family near you where there are people who need your help).

  • Creative: What makes us human is our creativity and problem-solving capabilities, but if the special pockets within other areas are gone, so is our creativity. And let’s face it, the majority of you reading this email weren’t hired for your bodies (sorry to insult you), but you were hired for your ability to be creative, i.e., to think and generate ideas and solutions. So, first of all, acknowledge your creativity and the contribution it makes to your workplace and your personal life.

Personal_Cover_FlatAnd if you liked these tips feel free to check out Putting Pockets if Your Personal Life: 52 Tips to Implement Immediately. If you know you are operating without any “pockets,” and you realize that you have lost sight of the difference between calm and crazed, then this booklet will help you regain that realization and subsequently DO something about it.

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