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CALM Yourself. Life is Easier.

Crazed is not an easy place to be. It’s not easy during the holiday season, during an election cycle, or when there is too much work to do and not enough people to do it. Being crazed makes life harder.  Rather than crazed, let’s contemplate calm as a state to visit more often.  Access this special Get a Plan! Guide® to help you reach an inner calm so you can find and shape calm surroundings.

Codes to Use - Perspective Scaled

Codes to Use When You Are Completely Overwhelmed…

In this special Get a Plan! Guide® that was written to reflect Meggin’s own experiences in the last few years, you will learn 10 codes to apply to your list of oh-my-gosh-how-can-I-get-everything- done-I’m-freaking-out items.These codes, along with Meggin’s suggestions, will help you gain some perspective and approach your list - and your responsibilities - in a different manner. By accessing this Get a Plan! Guide®, you will have tools to use now - or in the future, depending on your current situation.

De-clutter De-stress - Perspective Scaled

De-clutter & De-stress: A Dozen Ways to Decrease Clutter & Decrease Your Stress

If you are stressed and ready to reduce that stress (NOW!), then you are going to love reading and implementing the tips and strategies in this brand new Get a Plan! Guide®.  Written in Meggin’s straightforward, clear, and practical style, this Get a Plan! Guide® will help you learn a dozen specific ways to start dealing deliberately with your clutter – and then experiencing a reduction in your stress.  Get started today with tools you will use to bring more peaceful, predictable productivity to your life at work and at home.

Deflecting Distractions Design 2 - Perspective Scaled

Dealing with and Deflecting Distractions

Do you have any idea how much time and energy it costs when you are distracted? Do you want to provide an estimate? Whatever your estimate, I would wager that the cost is actually higher.  By accessing the Get a Plan! Guide® for Dealing with and Deflecting Distractions , you will have ways to take stock of your distractions and will learn 6 means to eliminate - or at the very least, minimize - those distractions. I promise that you will have a plan that you can implement starting today.


Decide Once and Make Life Easier

By accessing the Get a Plan! Guide® to Decisions, Decisions… Decide Once and Make Life Easier, you will learn straightforward ways to reduce the number of decisions you have to make each day.  You will procrastinate less, be less overwhelmed, and life will feel - and be - easier.  Plus, you will make better decisions overall.


Deliberately Design Your Professional Presence

Regardless of the professional role you may be in (or to which you may aspire), you can deliberately design your professional presence. That’s the first thing you need to know. It is NOT about getting plastic surgery. It IS about paying conscious attention to a multitude of factors over which you have total control.  This Get a Plan! Guide® gives you reasons and specifics about what to do so that you come across to others in a professional manner.You want to be taken seriously, whatever your profession is.

Productive Environment - Perspective

Designing a Productive Environment

One of the ways to bring order to the way you work is to design an environment that will support peaceful, predictable productivity for you. In this brand new Get a Plan Guide® you learn ways to design your own productive environment. YES! You can design your workspace for peaceful and predictable productivity. Wow! What a concept!

Developing an ASAR Mindset - As Soon As Reasonable

By accessing this new Get a Plan! Guide®, you will give yourself the breathing room you need to reduce the stress and add gentle, calm, and easy back into your professional as well as personal life with the simple acronym.

Find & Limit Your Focus

Find & Limit Your Focus

When your focus is on too many targets, including too many projects, people, crises, places, goals, then your energy is scattered and diffused. The result is exhaustion, overwhelm, and despondency. Think of how much better you feel when you are focused.

GAP Guide If You Do Nothing Else This Semester

If You Do Nothing Else This Semester…

Being a faculty member involves an intense, unrelenting pace. Yet, it can be an immensely rewarding and satisfying life, which was your idea when you chose to be a professor! Let Meggin reveal the strategies you need to get and STAY organized as you move through the semester with this brand new Get a Plan! Guide®!

Keeping Life Simpler - Perspective

Keeping Life a Little Simpler and a Little Easier

The sheer number of choices you encounter every day is overwhelming. The Get a Plan! Guide® to Keeping Life a Little Simpler and a Little Easier introduces the concept of how to make a few simple choices that prevent a host of other more difficult and exhausting ones.

Networking - Perspective Scaled


If you are a person who is comfortable with networking and who teaches others how to network effectively, then you don’t need this Get a Plan! Guide®. For everybody else . . . you need to make this purchase and read the guide today.  Networking is a far more important skill and practice than any of us can really comprehend.Years ago, it wasn’t necessary to know how to network because you knew who you knew - and that was all you needed to know. Today… that is far from true. Learn 19 Networking Need-to-Knows in this practical and specific Get a Plan! Guide® to Networking.

Plan to Write

Plan to Write

Access the new Get a Plan! Guide® to Plan to Write and discover the strategies to organize and sustain a joyful academic life of peaceful, predictable productivity.

Postponing Writing Procrastination - Perspective Scaled

Postponing Writing Procrastination

Writers who procrastinate? Impossible. Never heard of such a thing. No way.That doesn’t sound like any writers I know.  Well . . . all of us who are writers know perfectly well that we procrastinate - sometimes in very clever ways. And, the truth is, we need some practical practices to stop procrastinating (or at least put it off).This Get a Plan! Guide® gives you 15 Practices for Postponing Writing Procrastination (with a clever way of remembering them - included as a mini-poster).  Do not put off ordering this guide.  Your writing is waiting!

Ridding Your Workspace of Clutter

Ridding Your Workspace of Clutter

Your workspace - whether it is an office, a lab, a garage, a classroom and regardless of whether it is in your home, an RV, at a university, or in a school - is a place where you begin and conduct some of the work that allows you to make a difference. If your workspace is filled with clutter, you are not as free to think, create, and generate those ideas that will have the most significant impact. This Get a Plan! Guide® to Ridding Your Workspace of Clutter will have you energized about removing the dandruff from the shoulders of your space (as Christopher Lowell describes clutter). And, you will feel the productivity shift that results.

7 Sane and Sensible Email Practices Perspective

Seven Sane & Sensible Email Practices

Do you want to control your email instead of feeling like it is controlling you?  If you could decrease the time you spend on email by 50%, what would it be worth to you? If you could dramatically increase your sense of control over your email, what differences would that make in your personal and professional life?  By accessing the Get a Plan! Guide® to Seven Sane & Sensible Email Practices, you will learn best practices (all of which start with the letter “D”): determine, delete, decide, defer, defend, devalue, deploy.  You will notice an immediate difference in your sanity and sensibility when you implement what you learn in this popular Get a Plan! Guide®.

Thwarting Time Thieves - Perspective Scaled

Thwarting the Thieves of Your Time, Energy, & Attention

Are you safe? Do you have time, energy, and attention thieves lurking around you – ready to rob you of your most precious resources? If you are ready to banish those burglars once and for all, you will love this practical and specific Get a Plan! Guide® to Thwarting the Thieves of Your Time, Energy, & Attention.
Way Better - Perspective Scaled

Waayy Better Meetings

If you attend &/or plan meetings (and I know you do), then you need the Get a Plan! Guide® to Waayy Better Meetings.  As a society, we cannot afford to be losing productivity to meetings that are poorly designed, unnecessary, or to whom the wrong people have been invited. Our Gross National Product (GNP) would increase dramatically if folks read and implemented the content of this brand new Get a Plan! Guide® to Waaayyy Better Meetings.  Let’s improve the economy now!
What to Do When You Can't Control Everything - Get a Plan! Guide

What to Do When You Can’t Control Everything

The good news is that although you can’t CONTROL everything, you can control some aspects.  And this brand new Get a Plan! Guide® is perfect to help you get started.


Writing Better, Faster, & (Yes) More Easily: Tools, Tricks Tips, Techniques, Tactics, (& More) for Propelling Your Writing Productivity

If you are a writer, this Get a Plan! Guide® is for you.  Meggin says, “I have shared these ideas in an accessible and readable format - and you will be more productive as soon as you begin to read and implement the ideas. Nearly every idea can be put into practice immediately, which is what I want you to do!!  There are nearly 70 ideas included and each one is explained in realistic, here’s-what-to-do terms.”

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