If you are determined to do what it takes – and you know life and old habits can easily derail you, ‘PSST! I have a secret for you.’

meggin_30_articles_psst_program_supporting_graphic_3Do you want:

  1. A simple way to stay accountable to your writing goals?
  2. A place to connect with other like-minded writers - in a private forum?
  3. A structure to build and reflect on your writing habits so can maintain your writing momentum?
  4. A means to see your own progress PLUS seeing, supporting, and rejoicing in the success of your fellow writers?

If you answered no to these questions, then you are perfectly happy with your writing productivity and don’t need this!  If you answered yes to even one question, then this secret is for you.  PSST!  Read on to learn how to join us for writing success!


PSST! is a special program designed:

  1. To ensure progress and success using an on-line platform.  
  2. For people who are committed to Productivity, Support, Success, and Tracking progress.

Consider the costs when your writing projects are stalled:

  1. Financial.  Does your livelihood depends on getting your writing done?
  2. Emotional.  Do you ever berate yourself for dilly-dallying or delaying on your writing?
  3. Mental.  Are you trying to keep up with multiple projects (in various stages); a host of ideas; clients, colleagues, or editors who are waiting for your work; along with the mental stress that accompanies perpetual procrastination?
  4. Spiritual.  What if you have work that you know you were put on Earth to do and it’s not getting written? That’s painful.
  5. Physical.  Sleeplessness and stress take a toll and both can result when any of the following aren’t getting done:

    1. Writing that would move your business forward;
    2. Writing you promised to do for a friend, colleague, or family member;
    3. Writing that your P & T committee has indicated you must do before you can go up;
    4. Writing that demonstrates you fulfill your commitments on grants or contracts.
    5. Writing that serves your clients, customers, students, or external constituents.

Go to BAT for yourself and others by:

  • Being accountable.
  • Acknowledging your PSST community colleagues.
  • Tracking your progress for the day.

meggin_30_articles_psst_program_supporting_graphic_5Every day, you are at your computer or mobile device(s) anyway.  You’ll be able to easily log in for just a few minutes each day. The system allows you to:

  • Set goals and intentions for your writing.
  • Track your progress anytime you want.
  • Receive encouragement from your fellow PSST! cohort members.
  • Access support and coaching from a successful writer and coach who also uses this system to keep herself on track.
  • Help everyone stay accountable to themselves and each other.
  • Use the Forum to get answers to questions and to share resources.

With the PSST! We’re Getting Our Writing Done program, you feel supported (because you are).  You have others who will carry you along, encourage you, and coach you.  You develop a feeling of responsibility (you don’t want to let your fellow writers down) and control for your own writing success.

This program works!

Let’s do this!

Good news!  It is only $97.00 per 28-day session.


You may continue as long as you wish or you could end after one 28-day session. Your credit card will automatically be billed $97 just before the next session starts. If you’ve completed all your writing and want to discontinue your sessions, that is OK! Just let us know before the start of the next session and your automatic billing is suspended, no problem.

There is limited space in each group and the next group starts on Monday, June 25th, so you are encouraged to get signed up as soon as possible so you can begin with the rest of the group.

Previous participants experience and see progress because they are part of the community. It’s fun and energizing (and you don’t feel so alone)! I know you will benefit from this program too.

You’ll get more writing done, be accountable, stay more focused, and be part of a supportive community.

Additional Benefits:  Each session, you will meet your community of folks during a monthly call-in where you’ll share your writing goals and learn about others’ goals PLUS you’ll be able to participate in a content/strategies call, which will be added to our library of audio files for you to access anytime.

As one person said recently:


“The most helpful part of the program is just knowing I had committed to someone outside of myself.”

~Cindy Saunders, Reno, NV

To join us for *PSST! Guess What?  We’re Getting Our Writing Done!* Program:

sign up blue cropped

Or take advantage of the

Special Summer Package!

Receive 4 sessions of the program for $349.
Starts on Monday June 25th.

“It’s nice to get positive feedback from other participants. It’s also helpful to set clear writing goals daily; sometimes the process of writing them for others to view makes me more realistic and specific.”

Past Participant

Once you have registered you will receive an email with information about setting up your account. Please let us know if you have any questions.

This special *PSST! Guess What? We’re Getting Our Writing Done!* group will support you in making the progress you intentionally established as part of your writing journey.


We look forward to having you in our group!

sign up blue cropped

“Hearing about tools and strategies other people use, knowing that I have to report on my progress, and taking steps to plan out what I am working on rather just reacting to the day were all very helpful. I felt more productive and knew that I was working in a more focused way. In terms of numbers, I have had quicker turn arounds on writing collaborations and met deadlines more regularly. I also came to rely a lot on the group for encouragement and support during difficult times.”

~Past Participant

“I am a highly creative person. I can create forever, but putting my time into a structure to produce a particular result can sometimes be a challenge for me unless I have a deadline. Using Meggin’s accountability context really helped me to produce without killing myself to make a deadline at the last minute.”

~Rhonda LaFountaine | Reno, NV

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