Happy woman

There are plenty of people, situations, world events, and so forth that could cause you to feel crummy (or worse) about your day. To be productive, it helps when you feel great about your day. Here are ten such ideas. Generate as many more as you can.

  1. Tip more than is expected. Significantly more. You will get back SO much more than what you gave. You are in a position where you don’t work for tips. Whatever amount you tip, especially when it’s more than the average person tips, makes a difference in the other person’s life. You are in a position financially where you can do that. Do it.
  2. Treat yourself as if you’re worth it. You are. Smile up at the sun. Get the kind of pie YOU want (not just the kind your family wants). Give yourself time to breathe.
  3. Be patient with your family, friends, students, colleagues, and co-workers. Treat all important people with the utmost patience and the most respect. Note: All people are important. Build your emotional bank account with those around you, especially your loved ones. You are likely to need to draw on it some day.
  4. Treat time as more valuable than money. “Spend” some time on yourself. You can get more money; you can’t get more time. Recognize that state of affairs.
  5. Remember how you are making a difference through your work and/or personal life. Such a tiny percentage of the world is in a position such as yours. Consider how fortunate you are in your work and life.
  6. Be gracious to everyone around you, especially those who are somewhat or significantly younger or older than you are. Being gracious reflects well on you and is memorable to others (because it’s somewhat unique, sad to say). And it feels so much better to YOU to be gracious than to be…well, a jerk.
  7. Write things on your “to-do” list that you did that day and then cross them off. Hey, this article is about ways to feel great about your day–and it makes me feel good to recognize some of the things that I actually did do and check those off. I’ll bet you like that, too.
  8. Consider what you have to be thankful for–both the “big” things and the “small” things. Make a list and add to it everyday. Begin to use the language, “I feel thankful for ______.” A phrase I use so many times each day (and I mean it) is, “I am thankful everyday.” I feel it and I use this response  when people say things to me that are complimentary or they ask about whether I like what I’m doing, etc. Take a look around and you’ll find plenty to be grateful for.
  9. Bake cookies or make a crock pot of soup and give some to your neighbors. They’ll be so surprised and be so pleased and thankful. What an unusual neighborly action you took. It feels great!!
  10. Hug someone who needs it (especially your pets)! And  no matter what you feel like, if you have a wonderful mammal (dog, cat, or the like), that pet can help you feel great about your day. Give them some love for what they give back to you.

These ten work, and you probably have ten more. Keep this list handy. Some days you might need reminding.

Just try the tips above that make sense for you and your situation. Choose one and try that out, then choose another one that works.


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