Woman and alarm clock.What is the difference between positive energy, negative energy, and neutral energy? Why you would even want to pay attention to this?

  1.  Think about your own definition of and beliefs about energy, particularly as it relates to your life.  You can use fancy words or you can use just plain-spoken words.  But describe it for yourself before you read the rest of this article. My personal belief is that life – and how we live it – is really all about energy.
  2. Consider whether the energy around you is positive, negative, or just neutral.  Jot down some of  your thoughts now, but keep paying attention to this as you move through your day. I think you could classify nearly every event, every responsibility, and every activity with which you are involved into one of those three types of energy, i.e., positive, negative, or neutral.
  3. Next, think about the consequences of spending time in each of the three types that will be discussed in the rest of this article.

Positive Energy

If you have lots of your time spent in positive energy, this is fabulous because it’s that type of energy that really supports you.  You may notice that when you are doing things (activities, tasks, projects, or spending time with special folks) that are positive energy-producing for you, you say, “I just felt so energized!”

Negative Energy

But, ugh…what about negative energy?  Time spent here can just wipe you out. Various maladies may result from too much time immersed in your own (or others’) negativity.

Every day, essentially all of us run into some kind of negative energy and that’s just life. However, when you are involved in negative energy day in and day out – that is an untenable situation and frankly, dangerous. It just wears you down even to the point that you may not be able to do your job and your relationships will be damaged.  Pay attention to the negative energy that surrounds you – and get away!

If you find out that certain things are negative energy for you and you don’t do anything about it, then my question is, “What are you thinking? Why aren’t you making any changes?” Now, believe me, making changes is not always easy (although a surprising number of them could be easy!). However, it is essential that you make those changes.

Neutral Energy

Neutral energy…is just what it sounds like. There are parts of our life that aren’t big pluses but they aren’t negatives either. Neutral is better than negative so even if you can replace some of the negatively charged portions of your life into neutrally-charged ones, you’re better off. And, you can also examine whether you can make some changes that would turn something that is currently ‘neutral’ into something positive. It’s possible.

Think about these ideas.  Talk with others to see what they believe. Reflect on whether your various energies are more under your control than you might acknowledge.  And while I don’t think it is all under our control (if only!), a great deal of it is – but only if we take ‘charge.’

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