nextIf procrastination is adding to your life, then by all means, keep it up. If, however, as I suspect, it’s not really benefiting you, then it’s time to make short work of that list.  Two deliberate decisions you can make are:

1. Deliberately determine the very next action. Look through your list of items that you are procrastinating (and if you have not made a list yet, then do that now).

Looking at your list…think about and then actually clearly define what your next action is. Not only is this good practice for clearing off the procrastinated list, but it will help keep tasks and projects in the future from ending up on the procrastinated list.

Note: The more specific you can be about what the VERY NEXT ACTION you need to take on an item - the better. So often, procrastinated items are there because we don’t know where to start or because the project seems so unwieldy. You don’t get projects like this done in one fell swoop. You get them done one…action….step….at…a….time.

Review your list and begin identifying tiny, bite-sized next actions. For example:

  • Call Janice,
  • Email Joan,
  • Put all the crap on my desk in one big box,
  • Buy plastic boxes to put all my shoes in,
  • Print out document to read,
  • Delete all emails older than 6 months….

You get the idea. Small, bite-sized actions.

2. Deliberately do, right now.  There are some items on all of our procrastination lists that we need to just do. Frankly, it is so ridiculous sometimes to adopt this mindset and then to realize that there are items that have been sitting on our lists (or in our heads) and bugging us for a long time! And, once we realize that we can actually just do them and get them out of our ‘what is wrong with me that I am such a procrastinator?’ mental space, it is quite freeing.

So, take a look at your list and identify at least 5 that you know that you can do right now (or MAYBE wait til after you’ve finished reading this article). Feel free, once you get on a roll, to keep going. You will feel great just by getting a few of your procrastinated items right off your list by doing them.

Nice, huh?!  I hope this feels good to you.

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