Thanks to Beverly Delidow for these great ideas on how she decides her priorities.  She says, “To figure out what is a priority I think about these questions:

  1. Does it support something important to me (my work, my relationships, my pets, my sense of wholeness,peace, health, etc.)?  How much? Is it part of my “Great Work”? (Thanks to Michael Bungay-Stanier for that concept)
  2. Does  it provide more benefit than it costs?
  3. Do I have the necessary time and resources and authority?
  4. Does the thought of this (or what it will lead to) make me stronger/happier/more productive/a better person or does it do this for someone/some cause I think is important?
    Or, on the other hand:
  5. Does thinking about this make me want to pace in frustration or growl or run yowling in another direction?
  6. Does it feel wrong and/or annoying and/or destructive to something I care about?
  7. Is this really my job or is someone foisting it off?
  8. Does this cost more than it’s worth?
  9. Does this actually support things I think are unethical, immoral, untenable?”

Shared by Beverly Delidow, Ph.D. who is a frequent contributor to the Top Ten Productivity Tips series (and her tips are helpful and make me laugh because of her mastery of language and ways expressing what we all feel).

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