A key to having a successful semester is getting organized and that includes not just your stuff - but your time.

In the content-packed  teleseminar, If You Do Nothing Else This Semester, I present the idea of protecting the time you need to do your work and how signs can help you.  If you work in a cubicle vs. closed-door offices (or like mine was for the first three years I was a faculty member – it had a door but the walls didn’t go up very high so there was no way to keep the noise and distraction and yelling over the walls), then you will sometimes need to go to a different place to work.

That’s fine, too, but if you can use a sign to indicate that you need to be uninterrupted for 60 or 90” (no longer or people feel like they can’t wait) then do so.  You are protecting time to get your work done – writing, grading, organizing, dealing with email, whatever.  Access a bunch of signs (free) at http://keepingchaosatbay.com.

When you are using your signs, please follow these 5 “rules”:

  1. Err on the side of using less often instead of more often.  You want to treat it as VERY meaningful and you want others to notice it as unusual.
  1. Always indicate when people can come back – the exact time vs. in an hour.
  1. Tell them what to do in the meantime (leave a note, send you an email, call your voice mail) – or something else…
  1. Develop a mean face.  Be ready to use it.  Practice it.
  1. Take your sign down when the time is up.  Always.

Remember, the idea is that you are using your sign sparingly and judiciously (and always take it down at the end of the time you have allotted and have indicated on your sign or it loses all effectiveness).

And if you want to get your current semester organized or prepare for the next, I highly recommend If You Do Nothing Else This Semester.  With the strategies I present you will get the strategies you need to not only have a successful semester, but a successful hear.

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