Resting womanWhen your health has gone to…well, you know where…in a handbasket, then you will wish you had paid more attention to the simple tips in this article.  It’s relatively easy to put pockets, i.e., reserves of health in place.

Obtain (and wear) a medical alert bracelet, if needed.

If you’re allergic to anything, be sure you wear a medical alert bracelet whenever you go out to exercise, work, or play. No one plans to need this…but you (and those helping you) might.  If you can’t afford one of these bracelets, ask a friend - or a stranger - to buy one for you.

Monitor any symptoms that you have. 

Do you notice patterns? Just keep a log in your planner.  Certainly many people with headaches have been able to notice the patterns that lead to their headaches–and then alter the pattern.  If you determine that you feel lousy after eating certain foods or particular combinations of foods, then you’ll know to make changes.  Human beings are aware of and learn from patterns. Use that to your advantage, health-wise.

Take a multi-vitamin.

It can’t hurt. My brother always says that those of us who take multi-vitamins are the people who are probably also eating well enough to get everything we need. I take one anyway and so does he, by the way.  There’s no need to take handfuls of other vitamins, unless recommended by your health-care provider, but a multi-vitamin is just one pill and it delivers health benefits.

Get enough sleep.

Drowsy driving is hazardous to your health.  Working while sleepy is non-productive.  Making decisions when you are sleep-deprived is never wise.  What else do I need to say.  Go to bed.  Get some sleep.

Look into alternative medicine.

Therapeutic massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, and others are considered mainstream, albeit alternative, medicine and may even be covered by your insurance. Even if they aren’t, consider them anyway. I used to suffer from migraines, and now receive acupuncture and essentially never have such headaches any longer.  No idea how it works, but it does.  Give some type of alternative medicine a try.  See if it helps.

The main idea with this list is to recognize that when your health isn’t there, ALL of the other areas of your life are affected. Consequently, the need to put in pockets (reserves) for your health is paramount.

Pockets are “the difference between chaos and calm.”

Personal_Cover_FlatAnd if you liked these tips feel free to check out Putting Pockets if Your Personal Life: 52 Tips to Implement Immediately. If you know you are operating without any “pockets,” and you realize that you have lost sight of the difference between calm and crazed, then this booklet will help you regain that realization and subsequently DO something about it.

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