My guess is that nearly everyone reading this has an egg carton in the refrigerator (unless you are a full-on vegan). Even if you currently don't have any eggs in the fridge, you have:
  • held an egg
  • cracked an egg
  • looked at an egg, and maybe even
  • pondered eggs - and their shells.
Today, I want you to think about the shell of an egg in particular and what its purpose is.
Permeable, Yet Protective
The idea of putting yourself into an eggshell is one I learned from my friend, Dr. Julie-Ann McFann. She coaches people to imagine themselves in an eggshell. The idea is that you are protected but by something that is still permeable. This is a fascinating concept to me - and it makes tremendous sense.
When we imagine ourselves encased in an eggshell, we know we are protected - yet we are not behind some 10-foot brick wall that cannot be breached. Living behind an impenetrable wall is neither realistic nor desirable.
There are times in life, particularly when we start to feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed, where we need to begin to protect ourselves - and visualize ourselves - as protected, yet still reachable. Let's think a bit more about that idea and some times when it might apply for you:
  • You are overwhelmed by the negativity on TV (this happens to be one of mine). Since my husband is a newshound and is able to watch the news and not be affected in the same way as I am (and since I really like my husband), there are times when I will sit in the vicinity of the family room, but with music or a book playing in my ear on my iPhone. I have an eggshell.
  • You are overwhelmed with the drama of some of your extended family. You can't completely wall off your family, but you can put yourself into an eggshell so that they are not able to pull you in to their drama and "crisis" situations.
  • You are underwhelmed with the lack of drive and lack of commitment to excellence from some of your co-workers. You can't completely ignore them - and you still want to treat them with respect - but you can put yourself into an eggshell to prevent their poor attitudes and dismal performance from encroaching on your excellence and work ethic.
These are just three possibilities. You can probably think of others in your own life.
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