Nearly everyone I know feels overwhelmed.  Most of us are overwhelmed because of the number of people asking us to do something, the number of responsibilities we have, and the number of to-dos on our list (as well as a multitude of other reasons).

Answer these three questions:

  1. Do you ever complain about everything you have to do? Tell the truth. Essentially all of us complain at one time or another.
  2. Are you ever crazed because so many people want you to do things for them or with them? Does it just feel like it is all too much sometimes - given the line of people outside your door, the number of big and small people in your house who “need” you, and/or the clients who are calling, emailing, or waiting for you?
  3. Have you ever wished to be someone else because his/her job seemed low stress/low demand? Admit it. You’ve said that at some time and in some place and to some one.

Now here is the fourth question - and the one I really want you to think about for this article:

  1.  Have you considered reframing your thinking so that you are thankful rather than upset about these situations? It is amazing how a little (or a lot of) reframing can make a major shift in your perspective and in how you are experiencing life.

Consider being thankful that you have so many choices including the following choices:

  • choices about people the people who want to work with you;
  • choices about the many projects you could work on;
  • choices about the ideas you could pursue;
  • choices about the myriad ways you could contribute to the world,
  • choices about….

Recognize that there are people in the world today who do NOT have some of the choices that you and I have. Reframe your thinking, i.e., instead of bemoaning how much you have to do, where you have to be, etc., say “thank you” to the Universe instead. Just a thought….

And a few final notions for your consideration if you’re feeling overwhelmed:

  • Accept that there will ALWAYS be more to do than you can do.
  • Accept that there will ALWAYS be more people who ‘need’ and ‘want’ you (and your time, energy, etc.), than you can serve.
  • Accept that there will ALWAYS be more options for how to spend your time than you have time.

And now, you have the enviable opportunity to make choices - preferably based on your priorities - of how to spend your time, with whom to spend it, and how you might offer your talents to the world. Making choices is what it means to be an adult.

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