Based on my question, “What percentage of the women you know could use some help with being *just whelmed* (vs. overwhelmed or underwhelmed?) here is an array of answers from bright, committed, professional women:

I would say 99% are overwhelmed. They are overwhelmed with work, families, organizations and pretty much feel “boxed in” and their wheels are spinning…adding to more frustration. I only know of ONE woman who has her total act together (No, it is not me, I wish though).


75% (just guessing) - University women are trying to keep up with grading, learning to use various technologies, publishing papers, doing research, serving on committees, and managing homes and families….children or elderly parents. The lucky ones have a spouse or siblings who help out with children or parents.


Since I’m not taking a poll directly, this response is an estimate:

Educators have so much on their plates now…  maybe more than ever.  We have the stress of NCLB with the accountability, turn-around programs, fear, merit pay or not, student achievement targets raising, and on top of it all:  Common Core standards.  Educators are working to meet the needs of families who seem more and more fractured, sending Kg students to school less ready, with a bigger gap to fill before (BEFORE!!) they head to first grade.

That said, many women educators are stretched.  Whether administrator or teacher, they are working to make financial ends meet at home(harder than ever) and pull students to imposed academic targets during a time when students need more attention to social needs (school of life).  To put this in a percentage, I’d say—  100% of us need help being ‘just whelmed.’


I would guess that over half of the women could use some help. I would guess that a number of them might not think so or might not want help.


Based on conversations with female colleagues, I’d estimate about 60% feel somewhat overwhelmed.  Of those 60%, probably close to half feel seriously overwhelmed.  I fall into this latter group - there are days (well, nights) when I lose sleep worrying about all the stuff I need to get done and am not getting done.  Frankly, I haven’t even read, let alone, implemented a lot of your tips - it’s pretty darn paralyzing!


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