Based on my question, “Do you have a sense that academic women are more or less overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) now than they were in the past?” here is another response with which you might identify:

The fact that I am writing to you while eating lunch goes into the “Nuf Said” file.

My colleagues are often invited (mandated) to attend lunch meetings in which no one has a respite or break at all.

99.99% of the women that I know are in need of the de-escalation from being overwhelmed to just whelmed, or, if possible (please send proof that this is even possible), to being underwhelmed. Most of us work full-time at a paying job.  Many of us have raised our children and now raise grandchildren. Most of us who are married have little interest in or attraction to our mates and associated activities. Those who are unmarried have no more freedom than their counterparts.

The majority of us juggle too many of life’s daily portions on too little a plate. The economy will not allow us to downsize any of our personal obligations and responsibilities; our employers have downsized and we all do more with less, meaning I have more work to do with less time and pay than 1-1/2 to 2 employees.

Women with children/grandchildren to raise run from one thing to another to keep up with high expectations and demands, and sometimes, the Joneses.

We all just want to change the world, or at least our little corners, and cannot allow ourselves to have one moment without some skill to master or some chore to complete.


Oh, my…I think I can hear a chorus of voices coming in here.  Please comment and let us know your thoughts.  (Just click on the Comments button above and the area for comments will appear).

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