Based on my question, “Do you have a sense that academic women are more overwhelmed (or underwhelmed), less overwhelmed (or underwhelmed), or about the same as they used to be?  Please offer your own explanation as to why you think that is,” here are 5 more responses:

There are 4 women in my department. The demands at our university have grown with time. 1 has way too many research contracts and not enough quality students nor enough admin support. She needs to learn how to say ‘no’ so she is less overwhelmed. Another is probably busier than she likes, but she isn’t that overloaded. The third is fine, as she is not striving to the same levels. I’m doing ok, knowing when to say no. So 25-35% in my department.


Approximately 10% - Some of these women are both moms and work full time; therefore, time in a day is not enough to do both and still be a great parent and accomplish personal altruisms or prsonal goals.


100% of the women I know could use some help.   I’ve passed out your “just whelmed” cards to many of my colleagues.


Most women I know are overwhelmed for various reasons.  There is a class of women who deny it so that they look “tough”, but if you nick the surface they are as stressed as everyone else.


99% — I know very few women who are not either overwhelmed with responsibilities/expectations or underwhelmed with their carreer, family, and/or marriage.


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