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Motivation Code Impact Session with Meggin

Four questions:

  1. Have you said, “Yes” to some things that you later wished you hadn’t agreed to?
  2. Are you in the midst of some short and long-term commitments that in retrospect, shouldn’t have made it into the “Yes” category, but somehow(!) did?
  3. Do you have some projects that bring you great satisfaction whenever you’re able to devote your time and energy to them and would you like to invest more of your time and energy to these projects rather than the ones that are draining?
  4. What difference could it make if you had a resource that provides you with tools and strategies to know what to say yes to and what to say no to (and why) such that you have clarity and conviction when distinguishing between yesses and noes?

Learn your Motivation Code™ to find out what motivates you and then let’s explore the impact this knowledge can have on you, your work, and your relationships!

My client shared this with me after her Impact Session: “These Motivations explain so much. In particular, it explains why making the significant career transition I made was exactly the right thing to do and why my new role is working so well even though I have been surprised throughout this whole shift. But it turns out, I’m a perfect match for what I do now.”

What difference would it make to know what motivates you?

If you could…

  • Name – with clarity and conviction – the roles, relationships, and circumstances that are present when you are able to bring your best work;
  • Know – for sure – what it is that sparks your interest in an endeavor and what it is that you are driving toward;
  • Track – and analyze – the patterns of your motivations;

…what might you do with more confidence? How could your contributions be more significant?

“Reading through this and thinking it through with you – my overall sense is gratitude. Without even knowing why exactly, I have planned a life that matches my motivations. And, as we’ve also been working on, I am going to exert even more agency to keep shaving off those aspects of my work that are really counter to what inspires and motivates me. I am bringing my best to what I do when those other parts aren’t muddying up my focus and attention.”

When you know what motivates you, you’ll have your motivational through-line, i.e., the connecting theme that cuts through the noise of competing demands and possibilities, and how it connects the high points of your professional and personal lives. You will have insight into understanding what lights you up and what drains the energy right out of you. Accessing your Motivation Code™ not only gives insight into what drives your deepest satisfaction and engagement, but also what can lead to unproductive tendencies, since we all have those, too!

How can you learn what your motivational through-line is?

  1. Complete the Motivation Code™ assessment, which uses story-driven prompts and psychometric methods to determine motivational themes.
  2. Receive your MCode Blueprint to review (and send it along to me, as well).
  3. Access the Fundamentals publication from me to help you explore your MCode Blueprint in preparation for our Impact Session.
  4. Schedule your Impact Session with me to dive much deeper into the “what, so what, and now what” of the information revealed in the MCode assessment (which is based on over 50 years of research, over 100,000 extensive – i.e., multi-day(!) – interviews, and the latest technology to bring this together for people to access in a meaningful way).

Continuing in 2023, I am making space for two people each month to work with me to gain clarity on their Motivation Code and confidence to move forward with what it means.

After her Impact Session, one of my coaching clients said, “I think this is going to be my manifesto about how I work!”

In working together on this, here’s some of what you can expect to learn:

  • Which of the twenty-seven motivational themes drive deep engagement, satisfaction, and fulfillment in your life and work. In your report, you will see your full ranking of motivational themes, and what their effect is on you.
  • Ways to apply your Motivation Code™ themes daily in a way that sustains and energizes you.
  • How to craft a motivation statement that you can use to filter and clarify your projects and commitments.
  • What the “Shadow Side” of your motivational themes are and how to spot and dismantle the unproductive side of your motivations before it negatively impacts your life and work. With the full MCODE™ assessment, the Impact session, and a copy of The Motivation Code book, you’ll be equipped to bring the best aspects of your motivation to your work each day while mitigating the effects of the shadow side.

If you are ready, here’s what to do:

  1. Sign up using this link and then watch your email for a message from me (and be sure to look in your spam filter if you don’t see it within an hour).

    Note: If you click through and the link shows “Out of Stock,” then you’ll know the spaces for the month have already been claimed and you may check back again for next month.

  2. The get-started email will give you:
    1. the link to the assessment, which will take you about 30-35 minutes to take.
    2. a special code so there’s no additional charge to take the assessment.
    3. guidelines for thinking about your “stories,” since this is a story-driven assessment.
    4. directions on what to do after you’ve received your Motivation Code Blueprint report so that you can then schedule a 90+ minute Impact Session with me. Note: I’ll need your report at least a week before our call because I take a few hours to prepare so keep this timing in mind as you’re scheduling.
  3. After our MCode Impact Session, you’ll get a recording of our Zoom meeting, a copy of the bestselling book, The Motivation Code, as well as some additional follow-up materials and resources.

As mentioned above, I’ll only have room for two Impact Sessions a month so consider the value of knowing your motivational through-line and how to optimize that knowledge. I’d be honored to help you to have more in your life that energizes and inspires you and less in your life that drains you.

“Even though I’m all about analyzing data, something about this assessment and our conversations about it speaks to my soul.”

Meggin McIntosh, PhD
MCODE Certified Practitioner