Eating healthy.Part of productivity is health and part of health is eating low-fat or non-fat foods. (At least this is true for most of us!) Since many of us snack our way through the day, it is worth knowing what we can have on hand that will serve us by filling us up, giving us energy, and not loading our poor bodies with fat.

Here are eight suggestions that I am following this year in my quest to lower my cholesterol, lower my blood sugar, and reduce my weight - without medication:

  1. Dried fruit including raisins, cherries, blueberries, and apricots. Dried fruit feels substantial enough as you’re eating it (and it is filling) that you definitely feel like you’re snacking (and you are!) Plus, the fiber is good for you, too.
  2. Fresh fruit, including bananas, grapes, and apples. Yummy! Whatever is in season that you like, buy some and keep them on hand. Bananas are a good all-year, all-purpose food and it’s smart to keep them handy.
  3. Graham crackers. I happen to love graham crackers - although I must say I really like them with peanut butter on them. I have had to break that habit since that was sending my fat intake through the roof each day. Have a box of graham crackers near your desk and “grab a graham” instead of a chocolate chip cookie or a brownie.
  4. Baked chips (with salsa). There are SO many good baked chips nowadays. And the salsa spices them up even more.
  5. Low fat yogurt. Although some of these can also be quite high in sugar, just find a brand you like and enjoy and stock up. As George Carlin (I think) said, “How do you know when yogurt has gone bad?” so you don’t have to worry that you won’t eat it before it does! HA!
  6. Low fat cottage cheese. This is an amazingly filling and good-for-you food. You can always add some fruit to it, if you like, but right out of the carton works for me!
  7. Low fat granola. Treat it like a snack. It is quite tasty and if you live somewhere that makes granola, extra yummy!
  8. Baked potato. Frankly, a baked potato is a meal, in my book. You can ruin this as part of your low-fat, high energy, smart eating by piling butter, sour cream, cheese, and bacon bits on it - so don’t do that! Just baked your potato (or microwave it), and then put a dab of low-fat (or no-fat sour cream on it) and maybe some pepper. Delicious and very filling!

Use these ideas - or create more of your own - and see if you don’t stay more focused and productive throughout your day. And hey, if you drop a pound or a cholesterol point, then so much the better!

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