Closed door.Sometimes, to keep our doors open (in business), we have to CLOSE some doors in our life. Consider this idea from Flora Whittemore, which is the metaphor we’re using in this article:

The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Just because a door has been closed in the past, don’t think it is safe to assume that it will remain closed. There are always people, events, or other happenings trying to open doors - even when they are deadbolted, it seems!

Think about being in a hotel room. Haven’t you had someone rattling the door to your room - or trying the door that is between two adjoining rooms? Even though, when this happens, I know there’s a deadbolt, it is still creepy and I double check that everything really is locked. We need to be wary and watchful in the figurative sense in our lives, too.

With doors that we have deliberately chosen to close in the past - and are now planning to keep closed, we have often learned the prudence of keeping those doors closed through our own experience. As someone said, “Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions.”

For example, and I’m not making any value judgments here, just giving examples, let’s say you have found out that if you have one alcoholic beverage, it leads to 2, 3, 4, and then you are not sure what happens after that. You have now decided that the door has to be closed to alcohol for you, all together. Remember, doors are either open or closed and this is an instance where the door has to be slammed shut and bolted. You are making this good decision for yourself because you gained the experience from the bad decisions earlier in your life.

Another example could be the need to close the door on having a business partner - maybe forever but at least for now. You’ve opened that door before to some disastrous results and now know that you are working ALONE and not with a partner. That is firmly closed for this next year.

A third example could be joining various clubs and groups - such that you were engaged in one or more of these endeavors everyday of every week. You had fun, people appreciated your hard work and leadership and rewarded that with more leadership opportunities… but meanwhile, your core work (and your home) relationships took a serious hit. Based on that experience a few years ago, you closed the door to all but one organization that is directly related to your work. The door remains closed on all the ‘joining’ that you would naturally do. As you’ve taken a look at this coming year, you realize that you need to keep that door closed for now.

Remember, you can keep some doors closed forever and other doors, you just need to keep them closed for the next year (or whatever period of time you designate). Sometimes it’s easier and sometimes it is difficult to figure out which ones need to remain closed forever. To go ahead and mix metaphors here, I’ll share David Russell’s quote:

The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn.

To keep the doors to your business open, check and see which other “doors” you need to close.

Remember, as Flora Whittemore said, “The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” We explored that idea related to our decisions and our lives in five Staying Positive Personal Workshop sessions (all of which are available). You are welcome to visit here to learn more about our group.

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