chartThere are three terms, the first with which you are probably most familiar, that deserve a definition.  Those three terms are:

  1. Overwhelmed
  2. Underwhelmed, and
  3. Just Whelmed

Be very clear on the fact that you are the only person who can distinguish between and among these three for yourself. Each person has a different tolerance overall…and that tolerance also varies depending on what else is going on in a person’s life. Take a look at the definitions below.  As you read through each of these sets of definitions, think about what other words you would add to what is already there. Make each definition your own by adding phrases, words, and ideas that apply to you and your situation.


overcome, engulfed, flooded, inundated, overpowered, swamped, frantic, frenetic, shut-down, out of control, crazed, anxious, and…


frustrated, disappointed, discomfited, lethargic, unfocused, bored, and…

Just Whelmed:

productive, energized, jazzed, “in the zone,” challenged, and…

Create a little chart for yourself.  Just make 3 columns or 3 boxes (or whatever format works best for you). Label the 3 sections with “overwhelmed,” “underwhelmed,” and “just whelmed.”  You can then use this chart for the whole week or you can make one for each day; it’s up to you.

Observe yourself moving from one state of being to another and notate it on your chart when it happens. What you’re looking for are patterns in these shifts. For example, do shifts happen:

  • at certain times of the day?
  • around some people?
  • with particular tasks?
  • when you’re too hungry? or
  • a myriad of other possibilities…

Keep an eye on what is happening and see if you can tell why it might be happening. You’re smart (that’s always the assumption I make). Smart people notice patterns if they’re paying attention. I’m just asking you to pay attention this week.

Henry Ward Beecher said,

We sleep, but the loom of life never stops, and the pattern which was weaving when the sun went down is weaving when it comes up in the morning.

There are patterns in your life related to so many things…but this week, just notice the patterns that are there as you move between and among overwhelm, underwhelm, and “just whelmed.”

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